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'Manzi' who made a road by tearing down a mountain with 22 years of hard work will be dear to God too

by parth rakangor 7 months ago in humanity
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Dasharatha made an important decision. Between his village and city. If this big mountain is cut down and a tunnel is made in it, it will be very easy for the people of the village to reach the city and especially in case of illness they will get timely treatment and no one else will have to lose his personal affection like he lost his wife.

Gahlor is a small village in the hilly region of Bihar. A laborer lives in this village. His name is Dasharatha. Dasharatha and his wife Falgunidevi made a living by working.

One day Falguni devi had an accident and was seriously injured. There was no hospital or small dispensary in Gahlor village.

So I had to go to the nearest big city Wazirganj for treatment. To treat his wife, Dasharath took his injured wife to the nearby town of Wazirganj.

The distance between Gahlor and Wazirganj was not very long but due to the hilly terrain, one had to go back and forth to cross a big mountain between these two villages and the distance was about 70 km.

Before Dasharath could cover this 70 km distance with his injured wife, the wife said goodbye to this world.

Dasharatha's head seemed to be shattered because the only support and companion of life was gone.

Dasharath was very saddened by the departure of his spouse but now instead of being sad, Dasharath made an important decision.

If this huge mountain between his village and the city is cut and a tunnel is made in it, it will be very easy for the people of the village to reach the city and get timely treatment especially in case of illness and no one else will lose his personal affection like he lost his wife.

He told this idea to the villagers. The people of the village started laughing at that. All saying, 'This Dasharatha has gone mad because Bairun is dead.'

Dasharatha Manoman decided that if the people of the village do not support me, I have to make a road from this mountain alone. Not only this, with the help of hammer and chisel he reached the mountain.

People accepted that Dasharatha has lost his temper. When can he cut such a big mountain with this small chisel? People talk a lot, but if he loses, then what is Dasharath?

Dasharatha sold his goat and small house and used the proceeds to buy small items that could be used for digging in the mountains. The villagers used to call him crazy.

So he stopped living in the village so that he would not have to listen to the villagers from time to time and came to stay at the foot of the mountain. Dasharatha built a small hut at the foot of the mountain and started living there.

The village can be saved from the clutter of people and the time can be used to dig the mountain by saving the time to come and go from the village to the mountain again. Doing digging all day alone.

People really thought that Dasharath was crazy now but this man was busy with his work without listening to anyone else. Days, months and years passed but no one could stop Dasharatha's work.

The mountaineering journey started by Dasharath Manjhi in 1960 was completed in 1982. After 22 years of hard work, he cut the inaccessible mountain and built a 360-foot-long, 25-foot-deep, and 30-foot-wide road that could cover the distance between the two villages in just 10 minutes. Ekalpande gave a wonderful gift to the villagers in memory of his wife.

This incredible work was completed by Dasharath Manji with the help of his own morale. When the government came to know about this and the government gave the land to Dasharatha as a gift, he requested the government to build a hospital on the land instead of taking it for itself. So that people can get timely treatment.

Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in 22 years at the cost of millions in his wife's memory and Dasharatha changed the helplessness of the villagers with so many years of hard work in his wife's memory.

One was a Maharaja and the other was a laborer. Even if people know the Maharaja, this laborer will be dear to God.

When we undertake any task, no matter how difficult the task may be. If the morale is strong, the work will not go unfulfilled. We start the work and after two or four people condemn it, we drop the work or even if there is a slight failure, we drop the work. Now remember this incident when there is a big or small failure in any task.

Did Dasharatha not find any failure? Is 22 years a very short period? Patience and perseverance overcome all difficulties. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to succeed in life.

The world which once called Dasharatha mad does not tire of praising him today. That is why we should dedicate ourselves to achieve the goal we have set without listening to the world.

If you try to check the history of all the inventions that we have been able to make life more convenient on the basis of the discoveries made today, then it will be understood that all these inventors were as crazy as Dasharath Manjhi and that is why they were able to make that discovery.



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