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Love or Codependency

Chapter 5: The Truth

By Honeybee ArticlesPublished 3 years ago 9 min read

You don't know when, but after the first hour of driving you fell asleep. Before then you kept asking Eric where he was taking you, but he refused to answer. He said it was special, and he wasn't going to ruin the surprise. After countless attempts to change his mind, you both sat in silence with music playing softly in the background. You remember how smooth the ride was, even for how fast he was driving.

You didn't dare to see or ask how fast he was driving for you knew you would have a panic attack. So you decided it was best that you closed your eyes, snuggle deeper into your seat and enjoy the moment. This whole time you have been waiting to actually be alone with Eric, find the answers to your questions and all of that is about to come true. The thought makes you feel excited and scared at the same time.

After all it can't be bad, he's probably just super rich. Which would explain the car, why he didn't tell you much about his life and why he didn't want to hang out with your friends. Maybe deep down he was afraid you would reject him because of his lifestyle, or is doing all of this to try and impress you?

You feel a hand gently on your shoulder, you jump up taking in your surroundings.

"Are we here?" You ask Eric

"Yes, this is it. Did you know you look so peaceful and beautiful while you sleep?" He said look directly into your eyes, then ever so slightly moving a piece of hair out of your face and gently tucking it behind your ear.

You struggle to collect yourself, feeling your cheeks turn bright red.

"Thank you," You say, finding it hard to look him in the eyes.

His gaze didn't move but you could have sworn he moved closer, his face just inches away from yours. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears, he was so close you could smell him and you knew you could never forget that scent.

You couldn't help but wonder if this was it, was this the moment he was going to kiss you? You started to close your eyes, when you felt him move away. You opened your eyes, staring at him, watching him collect himself. It was like he could read your thoughts and moved away on purpose. Too soon? Or maybe you read it wrong, maybe what he texted you before was just all talk. You felt confused and hurt, feeling tears fighting their way to the surface. You sat up in your seat, and pulled down the mirror to fix your makeup.

"It's not what you think." Eric says.

You glance at him out of the corner of your eye and see him looking out the window.

"The other night when I texted you all that stuff," He began, "I didn't mean it."

"So, why exactly am I here? Since your not into me," You say, swallowing down the cry that was begging to explode. "This was a mistake,"

"NO!" He snapped, "I didn't say that. I'm glad you turned down sending that stuff I asked you for, that part I wasn't serious about."

It took you a minute to process what he was saying.

"So, you're into me?" You asked him.

He laughed, turning back around to face you. "Yes, that's why you're with me tonight." Seeing your facial expression he quickly added, "Not for that kind of stuff, but for you to know me for me. Then whatever you decide, I will respect. But I could no longer be acting like somebody I'm not, it's not fair to you."

"So who are you?" You ask, you could feel fear replacing the tears that threatened to escape your eyes. "Is there anything about you that I know is true?

And why exactly did he have to drive you to the middle of nowhere to have this conversation? This could have easily happened at your home, sitting on the couch over a cup of coffee, or even over the damn phone.

"Listen, it's not like that. I'm not some creep, there's a time and a place for everything and I had to make sure I knew you were the one before I tell you all my secrets. And yes, everything you know about me is true, except I hate sports. That was just a cover." He brushed it off like truly something more important was on his mind that he has yet to say, or didn't know how.

You remembered the shirt you bought this morning, how happy you were, thinking it would be a great surprise. Thank god you can still return it, it would have been embarrassing if that's what you decided to wear tonight. However, you could have bought something else for the price of that stupid shirt.

"Don't worry, I'll pay you back." Eric said.

"Can you read my mind? Is that one of the things you haven't told me yet?" You ask. But seriously, it was starting to become pretty obvious if that was the case. Everything you have thought about he replied to tonight.

"Come on, it's almost time." Eric says, ignoring your question. Just before getting out, he turns back to face you. "If I haven't said so already, you look absolutely stunning, beautiful."

He gets out of the car, leaving you smiling and blushing all over again. But wondering, time for what, exactly?

Part 2: The Confession

Eric's demeanor was quite different, compared to the first night at the bar. He walked with full confidence, purpose and scanning his surroundings. His voice sounded older, way older but in a way light and musical. You also noticed his eyes, which were a light greenish blue have turned almost to a dark brown.

You knew you should feel scared, after all you really don't know him and he made that clear earlier. So was this actually him now? If so, how was he able to do that?

You both walked in silence down a dim pathway, further ahead you could see the exit which clearly showed it was dark already. You went to reach for your phone to see what time it was and to also check on Sara. After the way things ended earlier you knew she left you a list of messages wondering what was going on. Plus, you never told her or the others you weren't going to make it for the movie either. You had no way of knowing either, but now it was definitely clear.

Eric grabs your phone, without a word and puts it in his pocket.

"What the hell," You begin to say when he cuts you off by bringing his finger to your lips.

"Trust me, where were going phones aren't allowed." He says

"Where are we going?" You ask him. Instantly you feel nervous, scared, but at the same time calm and ready to see where he's taking you.

"Have you heard of Harvest Hill before?" He asks you.

"No, should I have? Is this it?"

"No one knows this exists, it will never be on anymap, any search engine. This place has been kept a secret longer than I have been alive." The way he said that implied he was alive for a very long time, although he wasn't much older than you. You being 25 he looked to be only a couple years older.

"So how do you know about this place?" You ask him.

"I came here with somebody a long time ago, just like how you're with me tonight."

Stepping out into the fresh air you look around taking in your surroundings. There was nothing here, no road, no people, no cars, turning around you see you exited what looked like a cave.

"Okay, where exactly did you take me?" You said, panic now clearly heard in your voice. Eric took your phone and you have no idea where you are. You have watched enough crime shows to tell this is exactly what happens before something bad happens.

"Trish, over here." You hear Eric's voice, but can't see him. It's so damn dark, all you can see is the wall of a mountain and the stars up in the sky.

You feel a hand grab your upper arm and you scream the loudest scream in your life.

"Relax! It's just me," Eric says, you stop screaming but your heart is still beating through your chest. "Relax, do you trust me?" He asks you.

Do you trust him? You heard a yes go through your mind before even thinking about it. But was that your heart or your mind that answered? So far everything you knew about him has changed. Shit, even his eyes have changed, his voice changed, HE CHANGED. Yet, if he wanted to kill you or something he could have easily done it by now. He could have killed you when you fell asleep in his car, he could have done it in the dark creepy cave like car garage.

But wasn't this what you're here for? To find out the answers to all your questions? To see what he has been hiding from you the whole time?

"Yes, I trust you." You say.

Through the dark Eric leads you to the base of the mountain, you wonder how he could see so well and you couldn't see a thing. He walked around like it was day time, while you kept trying to keep yourself from falling over.

You hear the sounds of buttons being pushed, then after a slight pause a sliding window slides open revealing a huge amount of light. A man with red eyes and very pale skin looked out the window at the both of you.

Eric and the man talk in a language you have never heard before, then when the talking stopped the man with red eyes slides the window shut. Suddenly, you see the rock moving before your eyes and before you is an open passageway revealing what you could only describe as the Fall version of Alice In Wonderland. Only this wasn't, this must be Harvest Hill.


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