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Love or Codependency

Chapter 4: The Switch Over

By Honeybee ArticlesPublished 3 years ago 9 min read

The weekend is here. It's Saturday morning and your drinking your coffee, making breakfast in the best mood of your life. Your mood is so good, you take a selfie drinking coffee and post it on social media with the caption #blessed #lifeneverfeltsogood.

After you post, you sit down with your cup of coffee and pancakes and begin to dig in. You think about your day today, what are you going to do? Your date with Eric isn't until later tonight. Then you think about the conversation you had with him, you confessed you were a virgin. Normally that would be a scary thing for you to talk about, but with him, besides the nerves it was quite easy. You started blushing uncontrollably when you remembered he would teach you whatever you wanted to know, and then you forced yourself to stop thinking of such things.

You remembered how he told you about his favorite sports team. When you hung out the first night, that's what they were doing, you just didn't catch it because you were so excited to be next to Eric.

Suddenly a huge smile comes over your face, you knew exactly what you were going to do today. You suddenly looked up the games happening tonight and saw his team scheduled to start at 7 tonight. You googled sporting gear near you and saved it. After you finished your breakfast, cleaned the kitchen you got dressed and headed for the mall.

Arriving at the mall you were happy to see it wasn't as packed as it normally is, you made a mental note that next time you need to come, to come in the morning. The fresh morning air felt great, both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Walking into the mall, you find the map and follow it to the sporting gear store. Hardly no one was inside and it felt great to browse and see what they had inside without having to worry about other people.

You found the ladies section and began to look for what caught your eye. Before this moment you have never been in a sporting store, you actually never been into sports, but doing this now made you feel alive. You couldn't wait to see Eric's expression when he sees you walk up tonight wearing his favorite team.

Looking through the racks, you finally find the one. It was a black deep v-cut design with the teams logo printing across the chest. On the back, it had a name and number of a player you saw earlier was one of the players on the team.

Perfect. You go to check out and after paying you take your bag and head back home.

Once you get home you check your phone, you didn't realize how fast time actually flew. It was going on 3pm, and you had missed calls from your friends.....and one from Eric.

You see he called not that long ago and give him a call back.

"Hello" He says picking up the phone, you can tell he sounds a little angry.

"Hi, it's Trish, I saw you called." You say.

"Hey!" His tone instantly changing into a happier one.

You smiled, but still worried, "You sounded a bit angry when you picked up, is everything okay?"

At that moment you realized you didn't know much about Eric's life. You didn't know if he lived alone or with roommates, if he had a pet or even had a job. You were so soaked up with his presence you didn't even ask the important question. Whereas you gave him your whole life story.

"Yeah, I'm good. I was just-nevermind, what do you have going on today?" He asks you.

"Just got back from running some errands," You say while twirling the bag you purchased around in your hand.

"Nice,"He says, "Did you have lunch?'

"No, not yet."

"Good, give me an hour and i'll come pick you up. I want to take you to a place I really think you'll love." He says.

You're speechless, this is the first time ever Eric has even talked to you during the day and now he wants to surprise you with lunch. And now he's going to see where you live, what your home looks like. Imaging him walk through your door was sending butterflies through your entire body.

"Yes! Okay, I'll get ready." You say, pure joy pouring through your voice and body.

"Text me your address and be ready, i'll be there in an hour. Oh, and wear something nice." He says, then hangs up. You laugh off how he ended the phone call. Honestly that was the last thing on your mind, Eric was coming to pick you up and take you on an official date. The shirt you bought early won't do right now, that was for later, right now you had to find something sexy and quick.

You send him your address including the apartment number and run into your bedroom. It was the beginning of autumn this time of year, which was cool, but not cold enough that you had to bring a jacket.

In your closet you have everything all figured out. You find your red push up bra with matching panties slipping those on. Picking out a white tank top and your favorite dark blue faded skinny jeans you pair it with a long, maroon colored cardigan with your knee high black boots.

Fall was your thing, and dressing sexy while appropriate you excelled at. You fixed your girls to give them some volume but left enough for the eyes to wonder was really going on.

After straightening your hair you put on your long silver dangling earrings with a matching necklace that ended right between your breasts. Your makeup was just as flawless, and you didn't need much. You were ready to go. You sprayed on your favorite body and spray and went to check what time it was-it was almost 4. Which meant Eric should be here soon.

Part 2: The Pick Up

You sat at your kitchen bar waiting for a knock at your door like a kid waiting to be called to sit on santa's lap. You can't sit still, just staring at the door willing the other side to knock.

And it did.

You get up racing to the door, all smiles as you look through the peephole just to make sure it was Eric.

It was your friend. Sara.

No, no, no, Eric is about to be here any minute now. You don't want to be rude, but she should have texted you before coming over first.

You open the door, your friend as light blonde hair compared to your light brown. She is wearing gray sweatpants with a black hoodie and sneakers. You were looking at her, like she was looking at you.

"Hey!" You say, "What are you doing here, it's great to see you, but I'm about to be heading out." You inform her.

"I came to check on you." She stated, her voice full of annoyance. "You didn't return any of my calls, or my texts, and where are you even going dressed like that."

You can read the jealousy in her tone, but dismiss it. You felt horrible, you forgot that she had called you earlier today and last night she texted you too, but being so caught up in the conversation you were having with Eric and than having to get ready you completely forgot.

"I'm sorry, there's just been so much-" You begin to say.

"Is everything okay here?" The voice you knew by heart without even having to look up, Eric was suddenly standing next to you wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him.

You noticed he was wearing a black buttoned shirt was dark blue jeans with a pair of black and red shoes. Looking up past his attire you saw his face was like stone, his eyes staring straight at Sara who was just looking mouth a gap like she was staring at a celebrity.

"Yes!" You say while laughing, trying to break the ice between the two. "Sara, this is Eric, Eric this is Sara." You introduce them and continue. "Sara was just stopping by to check on me, I forgot to call her back that's all." You say, and after saying it you begin to realize how dumb you were sounding.

"Well, that was very nice of you Sara," Eric says his face starting to warm up a bit, "Trish and I actually have a place to be going to. So with that said, it was nice meeting you."

Eric looks down at you to say your goodbyes, you look at Sara who has not said a word, still staring at Eric.

"That's what I was about to tell you," You begin, trying to sound nicer that how Eric just did. You felt guilty about this situation, but you didn't get ready for nothing. And seeing how quick Eric was to defend you made you want to go with him even more. "I've just been busy, I didn't call you back because Eric and I have plans and I was getting ready." You tell her.

"I'll see you later okay, and thank you for coming by to check up on me." You say.

"Okay, yeah no problem," Sara says finally bringing her eyes away from Eric to look at you. "Have fun, I'll talk to you later."

You pull close your door and lock up, with that done Eric wraps his arm around you and you both head out. Sara still standing where she was looking lost and confused by what had just happened.

You reach his car, which was not the one you had seen the night you had drinks together. This was a completely didn't car, you didn't know the makes very well, but all you knew was that it was sporty, blacked out and looked very very fast and expensive.

Eric opens your door for you and you get in, the inside of his car looked like a 5 star hotel and better. What exactly did he do again?

"That was the friend who makes fun of you?" Eric asked when he closed the driver door. You knew exactly what he was asking without going into details.

You blush at the question, "Yes that's her."

"You may not want to hear this or believe me, but she's jealous of you. You don't need a friend like that in your life. End it."

End it, how do you just end a friendship you had with someone your whole life. And Sara, yes you knew she had always been a bit jealous of you, but she wasn't that bad. You both just saw thing differently sometimes.

"I can't do that,"You say, "Yes she can be too much sometimes, but she has good intentions. She's always been there for me." You stick up for her, Eric just met her, he doesn't know her like you do.

"Put your seatbelt on, we have a long drive ahead of us." Eric said, putting a end to the conversation.

You comply without thinking twice, but what you are thinking about is where exactly is he taking you. He never said anything about a long drive on the phone. Even though you felt utterly safe with him, you couldn't help but think there was something about him that was different. Whether it was good, or bad, you knew you had to find out.


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