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Love for mother

Not a nursing home for guardians Keep it in your lap.

By Toshon chakmaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Love for mother

The kid is calling his mom and saying, "Mother, let me know something, do I have a solicitation?"

-- What can really be done on the off chance that you need?

Let me know I will keep every one of your words.

--- "Your grandma was are old. Presently your body needs some rest. Also, this house isn't generally excellent. Little sleepy......!! Your hack has additionally expanded. More diabetes. So there are heart issues, bone issues, what more!"

--- "Indeed... It appears like a long time...!

--- "Ah...stop it mother. You really want to have somebody to watch you constantly.

Indeed, let me go to the village...- - - No, no, what about being owned up to the unique part of the advanced age home? That is what your grandma was talking about. There will be many individuals like you. You can converse with them and there is nobody in this house, I'm running on business, your grandmother is at office and Mithu is at school day in and day out. You will be agreeable there mother. That is my... I mean our solicitation."

--- "All things considered, it will be what you need".

--- "Much obliged mom......

--- Well tomorrow around lunchtime however at that point you are going there. Gather your sacks."

the following day,

Mother and child are trapped no doubt having a difficult time. Mother ended the quiet!

--- "Father, will you visit me there? In the event that you would be able, get me a phone..."?

--- "Ha ha ... mother how will you manage the telephone? Aha... there is a telephone there...".

After some time, the vehicle halted before a five-story building. In the wake of being quiet for quite a while, the kid said...

--- "Namo ma..... This is the advanced age home. I didn't say you will like it.

I have booked the south room of the two-story working for you."

Chime dong chime dong (open the entryway)

"Cheerful Birthday to you!!

Cheerful birthday to you 'mama'! ! !"

Mother was stunned when she opened the entryway. Hello, that is his main grandkid and grandmother remaining with a gigantic cake. Never seen such countless inflatables. Nobody even wished him a blissful birthday subsequent to coordinating to such an extent. Goodness, those are his two girls and their child in-regulation standing. They were likewise called by his insane child.

"Cheerful Birthday Mother"

Mother: "You've grown up a ton (in sorrowful voice) yet who owns this house?"

--- "I didn't see the name on the house! I put it in my dad's name. Mother, the entire house is our own. Presently you can remain easily, mother.

Not you! Does anybody do that? (Shaking his head vivaciously with sorrowful eyes.

can't discuss satisfaction)

At the point when the party is going to hit the sack, mother calls from behind. Atipati found the purse and took out a kouta and gave it to his child.

--- "No requirement for it any longer. (Rodent poison)

I believed assuming you leave it in the nursing home, I will eat it that day."

--- "Damn mother what do you say! That is the very thing that I changed the previous evening and filled your calcium medication. You rest."

I need nothing else today. In the case of nothing else, basically he figured out how to bring up his child. Allow the present rest to be truly agreeable, don't bother taking dozing pills.

Each kid ought to adore their folks like this and shouldn't send them to advanced age homes in their last years.

Not a nursing home for guardians Keep it in your lap.

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