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My arranged marriage is nothing short of wonders!

By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

People say love is the essence of life and without it, everything is just mundane. Marriages without love simply miss the sweetness of life; living with someone you’ve known for long and having that similar touch is bliss. Well, this is what I used to believe in until I laid eyes on the man I would spend my life with. And all this happened when my parents invited suitors and their families for my marriage.In our society, it’s no surprise that arranged marriages are considered to be more dominant than love marriages. And so, my family thought it best to start looking for suitors since I had approached the marriageable age. Even though I had dreams of finding my prince charming, I didn’t oppose the concert of arranged marriages. After all, if I haven’t been able to click with someone, opting for a husband chosen by my elders seems to be a plausible choice. We all did meet the family, and as everyone gushed over how beautiful I looked in my suit, the man lifted his eyes to meet mine, and at that time, I felt an undeniable connection to him. He was handsome, charming and tall.We frequently met over the course of the next few months and as I got to know him, I felt happy. He was witty, had a great sense of humour, even though he cracked really lame jokes! He almost liked the same things I liked, and he was a lover of chocolates. That really set me up! My family agreed that this man and his family were a great match and we both would make a wonderful jodi. I seemed to blush whenever his name came up. It was a hint that I was falling for him! But I had to be sure if he felt the same. And so, we met up soon. Even though I struggled to let out my feelings, I finally did, and I was relieved to know that he felt the same way.Was love possible right after meeting a stranger for an arranged marriage?In my opinion yes, because after that day in the cafe, we started liking each other more. And within the next few months, as our wedding preparations adjourned, we grew more closer. We got married in December 2006 and our marital life has been a beautiful ride. We went on many vacations, worked hard together to build our dream home and we even gave birth to our beautiful twins, Megha and Mahir. My husband has been my support rock throughout the time I faced difficulties in my job and when I was unable to take care of our kids properly. It’s as if his presence completed mine. He also had certain expectations from me, which I think is absolutely necessary for a fulfilling relationship. Through the good times and bad, my husband and I have been a terrific pair, setting an example for our cousins!It hasn’t always been all smiles and flowers. We had our fair share of fights. We yelled, fought and even cursed but the willingness to apologise and have each other’s presence in our lives was far too much. Our twins are a beautiful part of our journey; they are simply adorable. Naughty yet brilliant! My husband and I surely get exhausted with our twins at times, but the smile they put on our faces is far too precious to ever lose.


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