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Long Distance Relationships

What I do to make my LDR last.

By Amber McFrederickPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Does being in a Long Distance Relationship have to be so complicated? Well for me, the answer is no! I am going to share some tips with everybody who's in an LDR and maybe just for people who would like to learn about how I make things work.

Well, for me in my relationship I think that the number one thing is most definitely communication. You will have to communicate with someone about how you want things to go, and if you think you are having trouble in your relationship. It all takes a lot of communication. My boyfriend and I talk basically 24/7. We have a lot in common and sometimes we don't have things in common. That is the best part of a relationship, when you have a lot in common but still have some differences, it makes the relationship exciting and not so boring.

Trust. Trust is the second tip. You will need to trust this person who you have maybe met once or twice or maybe never at all. It is hard to build up trust for someone, but if you just believe then maybe you guys will work out. I trust my boyfriend a lot, he hangs out with his friends on the daily. I don't care because I have a feeling that even if he did cheat on me he would tell me. That is trusting your significant other. I mean people definitely have their own way of having/giving trust so you just have to do what you believe when it comes to this tip.

Now is the time to talk romance. My boyfriend and I are actually an asexual couple, meaning we have romantic feelings but we do not have sexual feelings so I can't really vouch for this tip, but I can try my best! In my personal opinion, I think that an LDR should go slow. When you meet, just hang out like you would in a close distance relationship. Go on dates, hang out at each other's houses, stuff like that, and when you are both ready and it's time then you can get intimate. Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned but I believe in taking things slow.

When you actually meet in person, it could be the best or worst day of your life. Meaning either, you will meet the guy/girl and they are real and you will have the time of your life, or you will get catfished and you meet a totally different person than the one you expected. I am meeting my boyfriend in 2 weeks; he lives in Michigan and I live in Ohio, so it's about a 3-4 hour drive. I'm really excited to meet him but like everyone else, I have my doubts. Is he real? Is he going to be a creeper? Am I going to get murdered in my sleep? Maybe it's just my anxiety talking but you really never know with a person who you've never met. That's why you have to take steps, just as in a close distance relationship. Meet in a public place when you first meet. Don't just show up to their house, you never know what could happen. I mean it's kind of straight forward with this tip.

The next thing you could always do to make sure s/he is real is to use FaceTime, Skype, or Snapchat. I have not done this yet because my anxiety is really bad but I would like to Snapchat, I just haven't gotten around to asking. And the big thing with Facetime, Snapchat, and Skype is that if they say their camera doesn't work and they just posted a pic on some kind of social media, or just in general if they say their camera is broken, that is a huuuuuuge red flag. Who doesn't have a camera that works these days? Nobody, that's who. So just make sure you watch out for that!

Those are really all the tips I have for this article. I hope you like it, and I hope that maybe you found something to help you in your LDR, or I hope you just found it interesting. This is my first time writing, so please forgive any mistakes and if I'm all over the place. I hope you have a good day, see ya'll later!

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Amber McFrederick

Hi, Im Amber McFrederick. Im 19 years old. Im basically doing this as like a personal diary/ personal experience type of thing. I hope you enjoy what I have to say! Hope you have a good day!

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