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Like my little girl especially a lot

Wife also knows about this, but the wife has no sense of crisis

By Vranes SamahaPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Like my little girl a lot, the wife also knows this matter, but the wife has no sense of crisis

I look handsome, after 7 years of marriage, but also has its own company and the company's benefits are not bad. In this case, there are a lot of girls who began to confess their love to me. Although I do not want to pay attention to those girls, but I occasionally take these things in front of my wife, but my wife has no sense of crisis. The wife's attitude towards this matter: other people confessing their love to you is someone else's business, and how you deal with these things is the key to the problem. The wife's too calm, so I do not have the slightest sense of accomplishment.

A few days ago asked my wife: Why are you not anxious in the face of those little girls confessing their love for me? Wife: Why should I be anxious? If you are ambiguous with them, we both directly divorce, but I believe that you are a person, who will never do something against the principle.

I really will not betray the marriage. Because in the seven years of marriage with my wife, my wife has paid too much for me, for the family, especially to my parents is impeccable. Perhaps I should not take other little girls like me this thing in front of the wife show.

My wife and I are each other's first love, we both established a relationship in the second half of the first semester of high school. Because we are not in the same city to study at the university, we were in a long-distance relationship to taste the so-called lovesickness. During that period, I had hidden from my wife to find a temporary girlfriend, the other party's looks and body are also quite good, but I just can not love up, and even feel and the other party holding hands, I am particularly uncomfortable. After this particular experience, I understood one thing: my wife is the woman who will eat me in this life. From then on, I never had the idea of getting involved with flowers.

Outside of work, I have two main hobbies: drinking and running. A month, I will spend about 25 days after dinner two hours to go running, the rest of the time is about friends drinking. My wife has no special interests, at best, when my parents want to play cards, to get several people.


Grow up, can you? Your wife is right: if you cheat, directly divorce. Your wife may not make as much money as you do, but your wife has higher emotional intelligence than you. She will let you live in a comfortable state, and occasionally hang on to your appetite. Such a woman is what makes you feel particularly attractive. In fact, in the seven years you have lived together, your wife's words, actions, and behavior, for you, are near impeccable. Such a woman is also easy to make men respect. Perhaps you rarely praise your wife regularly, but your heart will definitely at some point to your wife special admiration. Your wife is excellent and more independent-minded, she is not worried about losing you at all. A confident, understanding, kind, and emotionally intelligent woman will often show: with you, will cherish; once you make her feel like you jerk, she also has the capital to leave you

You have a more serious emotional cleanliness. This cleanliness of yours is mainly manifested in: when you identify a person, even if you meet the good opposite sex, you will also respect and stay away. Or you will occasionally have the idea of getting involved, but you can't get past your psychological one. The result: even if a girl throws herself at you, you will not be complacent, but will make yourself feel inexplicably guilty. There are some men like you in life: in front of your wife, you can show yourself to be a healthy and normal man, but in addition to the wife front of the woman, will become a "waste", in fact, this "mental illness", I I think it is a very honorable thing.

People live their whole lives many times we are very confused because they can not find the value of their existence and do not understand the meaning of living will feel like a machine every day, in the food and oil and salt constantly running. Sometimes, when I see my parents growing old, I want to find the meaning of living from them, but I find that the process of living is just to keep life going. If you can live comfortably in most cases in your life, it is quite a blessing. If you go through some ups and downs, don't sigh, because everyone's life is not only joyful but also angry and sorrowful. Perhaps the process of living is a process of experience, during which you will continue to discover many new things.

We can let ourselves be more tossed around at the career level, but we must not let ourselves be tossed around in the field of relationships. Don't you think it's a great joy to do well in your career and honor your parents and accompany your wife and children after work? Of course, people should have their hobbies in this life, during which they should master two principles: not to get involved in vices and not to play with things. It's just that some people have a hard time balancing career and family as well as in relationships, leading to some complaints between couples at some point. When the couple belongs to the frequent complaints, the couple should have self-reflection: 1) the woman's reflection is, is not in life more prickly components, and less affirmation and praise; 2) the man should have the reflection, they do not have a lot of places to improve? If the complaints between each other are not too frequent, please consider it a concrete manifestation of love.

It needs to be acknowledged that people's emotions are prone to fluctuations at certain times, but we should take a more macro view when we encounter something more unhappy. The big picture is to look at what your lover is giving in the marriage, and you will find that the marriage you hold is not that bad. Just a lot of people like to use the advantages of the opposite sex outside of marriage to squeeze the shortcomings of the lover, this time will produce two more negative signals: 1) feel that their lover some poor; 2) feel that others have a particularly happy married life. The point I want to make is, is it fair to your lover to use the advantages of the opposite sex outside of marriage to compare the disadvantages of your lover? I hope that everyone in the process of running a marriage has more gratitude feelings, less prickly, only then, their mood is not tangled.

In life, if you can contribute to the development of the country, then try to play their potential, if not that strength, in the case of holding patriotic feelings to run their own small home is also a good way of life. Unfortunately, there are always people in life who do not know how to be grateful and always let themselves live in dissatisfaction with the status quo and complaints. The key is, do your complaints have meaning? For this reason, as the more ordinary us, feet on the ground to take every step of life, so that the heart presents a solid state, it can be. When you can run your own small home is stable is also a kind of ability.

When people face life, they often have such attitudes: lazy, always thinking that the things at hand will be done later; greedy, always thinking that having more of many things is the ideal state. In fact, to develop the habit of doing things in the present moment, and learn to be content in life. You will find that the daily routine is repeated, and occasionally encounter some small surprises, is the state of life is more relaxed.

In the field of relationships, it is important not to make yourself a polygamist, and there is no need to make yourself a philanthropist. At any time, we have to comply with the only love, only then, to avoid the quarrel between the couple, and also easy to harvest more simple happiness. If you have to make yourself a rich experience in the field of relationships, you will find that the final heart-tired life is caused by yourself.


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