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7 kinds of very difficult summer potted plants

Do not buy in the high temperature season, or what a waste of money

By Vranes SamahaPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
7 kinds of very difficult summer potted plants
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Inverted Admiralty is one of the most difficult summer plants I've ever had. Every year in late spring and summer, it gets worse and worse, and eventually, the whole plant will wilt. And some seedlings from cuttings will also be in poor condition. If you have an upside-down Admiralty, make sure to take more seedlings in the spring, they will be more likely to survive the summer.

Inverted Admiralty itself is like a warm and cool environment, like summer cool, like winter warm. In the winter and spring they can be directly in the outdoor sun, occasionally drenching rain does not matter much, but as long as the temperature rises above 28 degrees, its state will become worse and worse, the temperature exceeds 33 degrees, is very difficult to live, the temperature is high its branches and flowers are prone to wilt, will gradually yellow withered.

If you want to raise upside down Admiralty, it is recommended to wait until the temperature drops below 28 degrees in autumn before buying. When caring for it, pay attention not to expose it to the sun, give soft light, do not keep it in excessive shade, have more than 6 hours of diffused light every day, it will be easier to flower, growing season, pay attention to keep thin fertilizer diligently, to ensure that the environmental problems above the degree.

2、Dry gold lily

There are many varieties of arid gold lily, their care methods are similar, can climb vine growth, can also be hung up, stems and leaves hanging pot growth, they are suitable in the autumn time to buy seeds, sow seedlings, or directly buy pot seedlings, they are not suitable in the summer time to buy, you can prepare some seeds in advance.

Tropaeolum tricolor

Water lily is very difficult to summer south of Beijing, except in the northeast or parts of the northwest, where it is particularly afraid of the heat and prefers cool, temperate conditions. It is generally planted as an annual herb, and its seeds are relatively large and germination rates are still possible.

Six-lobed arid lily (scientific name: Tropaeolum speciosum)

Bought seeds shallowly buried under the surface of the soil, give a little light, keep the soil slightly moist, maintain the temperature above 20 degrees about a few days after the root germination, root system full of potting soil, and then with soil to change the pot.

You can plant several varieties of arid gold lily to cross-pollinate them, collect more seeds before the summer comes, and then sow them in the fall when the weather is cooler and the temperature drops below 25 degrees.


In the winter and spring, you can often see hornwort everywhere, but in the summer, hornwort is gone, because it is too afraid of heat, the temperature rises they are withered, and can only be planted as annual herbaceous flowers.

It is also worthwhile to have a plant. Every year, after the weather becomes cooler in autumn, you can buy some potted seedlings or sow seeds to cultivate it, which is inexpensive, has a long flowering period and good ornamental properties, as well as proper low-temperature tolerance, and can survive in an environment of -4 or 5 degrees.

Potted corydalis should be purchased in the fall, and care should be taken to ensure that there is sufficient light in the winter and spring, thin fertilizer is applied diligently during flowering, and the residual flowers are pinched off promptly after flowering.


Columbine has a particularly high value, it is extremely rich in varieties of reasons, suitable for potted plants or courtyard planting, which is also particularly difficult to summer a variety, only to the late spring and early summer of each year, the kind of vegetable withered, so you must remember to collect seeds in advance, in the autumn when you can re-seed reproduction.

The northern areas of China are instead more suitable for planting columbines, right including Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, and the three eastern provinces, where the summer is cooler and they are also easier to spend safely.

South of Henan, they are just very difficult to summer, so pay attention to collecting seeds for them in advance in late spring and early summer, and put small mesh bags on them before the seed pods break.


The official Chinese name of Margarita is Chrysanthemum coronarium. Every time you buy a seedling of Margarita, you feel like you've bought a handful of Chrysanthemum coronarium.

Marguerite is an extremely difficult summer herb that is extremely rich in flowers and is suitable for purchase in the fall and winter. They have an extremely long flowering period and can continue to bloom as long as the environment is temperate and there is plenty of sunlight. There are now also many horticultural ornamental varieties of margaritas, and in addition to the common white-flowered varieties, there are also particularly pink flower colors.

The white margarita variety is a little more heat-resistant, and its optimal growth temperature is between 18 and 25 degrees, too high a temperature is certainly not conducive to its growth, especially if the temperature is above 30 degrees, plus the hot and humid environment, it is extremely difficult to summer.

Southern friends who want to make margaritas safe summer, you can move it to the air conditioning room, but pay attention not to blow against the wind, but also pay attention to pruning most of the branches and leaves, advance spray fungicide, enhance ventilation and cooling, shade from the rain, these points should be done


There are many varieties of tumbleweeds, including the Danish tumbleweed, which is a favorite of flower lovers, and various domestic tumbleweeds whose value is very high, but at the same time, they are particularly afraid of high temperatures and liketemperate and cool environmentss.

They are native to the southern part of Europe, they like a cool summer and mild winter environment, which is typical of the Mediterranean climate, their optimal growth temperature is 15 to 25 degrees, so they are ideal for planting as an annual plant purchased in the fall, the next year in late spring or early summer will hang off.


Many people like carnations and other stonecrop varieties, they are not too heat resistant, more afraid of excessive heat, in the summer the temperature is higher than 35 degrees or more will be easy to scrape off, and its state will get worse and worse, all the branches and leaves will be easy to play, the flowers are easy to wilt.

Carnation is also called carnation, its flowers are colorful, in our country is a very common garden flower, it can keep growing plants for many years, and does not grow particularly high, suitable for potted or ground plant.

In the south, carnations are generally planted as annuals, which prefer a cooler environment in the summer, and it is difficult for carnations to survive the summer in a humid and hot environment.


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