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How are we supposed to demand respect and equality when, within our own community of types, we don't give the same? How can you ask a straight person to treat you right when you don't treat transgender people right? Or bisexuals or pansexuals—see, even the word "pansexual" is underlined in red. Well, you can't see it, but it is not an accepted word. Nor is it an accepted term, not to a lot of people.

Many are under the misguided impression that you have to choose ONE. You can be gay, lesbian, or straight. But bisexual? Pansexual? Anything else? Oof, no. Forget about it. I recently saw a Youtube video where the Youtuber explores the streets and asks random people a question. This particular video peaks the question, "Would you date a bisexual guy?" This question was posed to women for this video. It is done by TpindellTV and the entire title of the video is "Asking women would they date a bisexual guy [W.I.T.S]" if you'd like to watch it from the source. The videos aren’t that bad; pretty amusing, and the questions are something that really makes you think.

The biggest reaction was "No." "I can't deal with that." "It’s wrong." "No, he can either like dick or pussy, you can't like both." Yet of course, if the script flips, a bisexual girl is completely fine. In fact, in a lot of cases it is wanted. Because of course every guy's fantasy is two girls at the same time. Well I'm sick and tired of this bullshit double standard.

As a pansexual woman, by which I mean I could be into women, men, men with female parts, females with male parts, some combination of all of it. My attraction is not solely based on gender. And I am not saying this is how everyone HAS to be. But I am saying, cut the judgmental shit out. Why can't you just let people be happy, let them live their lives? Who gives a fuck if a man likes pussy and enjoys sucking dick.

There’s nothing wrong with it. And if you quote the bible, quote god to me? Ha, I cannot even begin to explain how terrible that is for your reasoning. You can love and have faith in god. But don’t use him as an excuse to be a shitty person. Treat as you want to be treated. This does not mean “Oh I am going to be a dick because I don’t care if others are dicks to me.” What that means is DON’T be a dick. Simple as that. It literally does nothing to you to be a nice person. Being a shitty person takes extra effort anyway.

Does that hurt you? No. But you treating them like shit hurts them. Places them in danger. I can't fault anyone for NOT coming out, even in 2019, because there are still people out there who would still beat, harass or even kill someone just because they're gay, lesbian, trans, or what have you. That kind of judgement. That kind of hate. It is so disgusting. I cannot fathom it. I grew up with love in my heart. Love is the most powerful thing out there and you really can't fight hate with hate.

You can fend it off, but you won't win. And in the midst of this war, there WILL be casualties. Innocents hurt. That's why when I hear about homophobes, racists, sexists, it confuses me to no end—when love isn't the immediate thought. When someone's immediate thought isn't kindness, understanding, compassion. The only way this can change is acceptance—beginning with us.

Aurelie Jones
Aurelie Jones
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