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It's Your "Right". Do It.

The saga continues.

By The Rogue ScribePublished about a year ago 3 min read
Where does it say that?

Ever since the whole "receipt" article, I gained a little bit of traction from like-minded people. Unfortunately, the CSA's over at Facebook (Comment Section Attorneys) also noticed.

CSA's are a little salty because I criticize people's tactics to just "follow the law" while paying no attention to kindness, courtesy, situational awareness, etc.

Since these virtues aren't found in the US Constitution, they don't carry any weight in their daily lives.

Their primary argument is "there is no law that obligates people to show their receipts." I suppose from a legal standpoint, this is true.

However when you dig deeper, as any truth seeker should, you'll find the core of the problem isn't about established state or federal laws, constitutional rights being violated, or even trivial store policies.

It's a simple issue of having good manners. TikTokers don't know what those are because being a sausage is a side effect of chugging Benadryl for views.

There's a very particular name for people who wake up and set foot outside of their homes with the intention of being discourteous simply because "the law allows them to".

I can't think of that name at the moment, but maybe you could remind me in the comments below.

Despite my best efforts to show a rational perspective and paint a clear picture for them, the only response was basically: "the law says I don't have to."

That's it. That's their whole argument.

Well, in that case, since discourtesy and lack of awareness are legal, I went ahead and compiled a short list of more things that are perfectly legal and, by their logic, can be exercised freely with no consequence.

1. Leaving a Job Without a 2-Week Notice

"At Will" states allow you to leave a job or fire you without giving a "proper" 2-week notice. (There is no law that says you have to be proper.) Inconvenient? Sure. Unprofessional? Definitely. But still legal. Hopefully, your next employer won't use your act of suddenly leaving a prior company as a sign that you're unreliable, unpredictable, unprofessional, and unlikely to be taken seriously. That's a lot of "un's"... Here's one more: Good luck with unemployment.

2. Passing Commercial Trucks on the Right

Commercial trucks carry upwards of 80,000 pounds of weight. Every so often, drivers have to maneuver from lane to lane but you're more than welcome to use the "suicide side" to rush home and watch more TikToks. This is perfectly legal, so if you get crushed against a barrier or into another car, at least you won't be legally culpable. You might even be unalive. Add that to your list of 'un's.

7. Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beers While Driving

This is not an ad but Heineken 0.0 is a fantastic non-alcoholic beer that you can safely enjoy while driving. It looks like beer, it (almost) tastes like beer, but it has (almost) zero alcohol, therefore it's perfectly legal. Root beer and Kombucha are other sweet alternatives that come in questionable bottles.

Yes, you'll get strange looks. Yes, someone might report it. Yes, you might even get pulled over. But just like your crazy, sovereign citizen neighbor said: "the law says you don't have to".

So even if people see you doing something overtly suspicious, inconsiderate, and borderline irresponsible, it's your legal right. Sometimes.

19. Getting Blackout Drunk

Speaking of irresponsibility, it's perfectly legal to consume alcohol.

Just exactly how much alcohol? Tricky question.

Everyone has a different tolerance so maybe one beer is all it takes to get you going. Unwritten social norms are irrelevant though. The law allows you to buy alcohol and drink it at your discretion, so long as you're not a public nuisance.

It's your "legal right" to obliterate your liver live your "best life" in the comfort of your own home, probably alone, contemplating your victimhood, and neglecting your responsibilities as an adult.

I mean, it isn't like those drunk texts or pictures you send will come back to haunt you, right? Is there a law against those?

4. Eating Paint Chips

You can legally eat paint chips.

In fact, TikTokers have been seasoning their Tide pods with these for years.

Does it mean you should? Probably not. But hey, there's no law against it.

That's all for now. If you know of any other activities that are "legal therefore allowed" (a.k.a I should because I can) let me know so I can continue destroying terribly flawed logic using my first amendment "right".

P.S. Don't actually eat paint chips.

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  • Nilanni Loveabout a year ago

    Bravo! Couldn’t have said it better. How about riding horses on the highway, perfectly legal. You might get hit by a truck or an 18 wheeler , but it’s your right 😅🏇 yeehaw! 🤠

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