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Island of Misery and love: The Unlucky Encounter of Jack and Jill"

An fiction themed and hardships based framework !

By ArjunPublished 2 months ago 2 min read


" Distance unites the missing beats of various hearts from various places. Here is an story that describe the blooming and buildout love between an two unlucky strangers who then become as united as an flower."

Once upon a time, there were two strangers named Jack and Jill who both ended up stranded on a tropical island after their respective boats capsized during a storm. At first, they were both relieved to have survived and to have each other for company, but as the days passed, it became clear that the island was not as blissful as it had seemed.

The island was plagued by harsh weather, lack of food and fresh water, and dangerous wild animals. Jack and Jill had to work together to find ways to survive, but they quickly realized that they were not well-suited to the task. Jack was a businessman from the city, who had never set foot in the wilderness before, and Jill was a high-maintenance socialite who was used to having everything done for her.

They struggled to find food, with Jack insisting on hunting for wild game, while Jill preferred to gather fruit and nuts. They argued over the best way to find fresh water and how to set up a shelter. And they were constantly at odds over how to make a fire, with Jack wanting to use a traditional fire-making method, while Jill wanted to use a modern fire starter.

As the days turned into weeks, their arguments and disagreements became more frequent and intense. They were both deeply unhappy and wished they had never met each other. Eventually, they were rescued by a passing ship, but the damage to their spirits had been done. They parted ways without a word, both certain that they would never want to see each other again. But the both have an strong common factor which is they desperately wanted to get out of the island alive. The only thing which connects them is very similar and that is the main way or the key way for both of them to face each other and also created an better rapport and also an intermediate link that drives them with tremendous faith and believe which ultimately helped them to survive at the island.

By gods grace they survived for an short time individually but as time flies by each them cannot survive since they were forced to do an mutual helping in order to survive. Then they came to an point that it is okay to give and ask help for others and they worked cooperatively and collectively. So

They had both learned the hard way that sometimes, even in the most beautiful of places, the company you keep can make all the difference.

We the people of today can relate this situation with this story, because the reason is that each and every person will came to face an situation that ALL THE THINGS WILL NOT OUR CUP OF TEA . So make sure that different scenarios and different time line will allow us to find the right one and also the beloved one's who will be with us forever even at the worse. And worse will not be worse all the time . If we are lucky enough to find our one, then definitely WORSE WILL BE SHIFTED TOWARDS AN HEAVEN IN PARADISE !!….

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