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Is There Still Hope For Me And My Ex (Is All Hope Lost With My Ex)

For people who ask the question is there still hope for me and my ex, the simple fact that these words came to your mind is strong proof that you don't want to easily give up on your relationship and that your relationship is important to you. If you're in a situation where you're thinking to yourself is all hope lost with my ex, then you'll want to read every word of this article.

By Oliver SamuelPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Is There Still Hope For Me And My Ex (Is All Hope Lost With My Ex)
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Are you wondering whether it is possible to get your ex back now that your relationship has ended? Well, I can tell you that it is possible, but it won't happen on its own - there has to be some effort from you. Not only effort, but you need to have patience and determination as well, for it to work.

Now, if you are telling yourself that you have neither patience nor the determination to go through with this, then there's only one thing that I have to say. You feel this way because you are depressed, and the only way you are going to have patience and determination for what you need to do, is if you first get over your depression. This is VERY important if you want a chance to get your ex back!

Depression is terrible - it drags you down very slowly, lowers your self-confidence, and makes you feel that there is nothing left that is worth living for. You obviously feel that your ex is worth living for, so use this to help you start getting out of your depression.

Keep telling yourself that, the longer you're depressed, the longer it will take for you to try and get your ex back. Also, help things along a bit by spending as much time with your friends and family - they will make sure to only do things that are pleasant - things that will make you happy.

After a few days you will notice that you are already feeling a lot more positive, and you will even be thinking of ways to get your ex back into your life again. This is great - you're on your way! Carry on this way, and you will be able to cope with anything that comes your way.

Now you're ready to try and get your ex back - you're thinking a lot more positive, and are enthusiastic about achieving your goal. Because you're so confident now, when you contact your ex, he/she will be really impressed about how well you have gotten over the break up. You're a strong person, obviously able of coping with crises - someone that your ex could be very interested in!

You're on the right track - keep on doing this, and get yourself feeling and looking so great, that your ex becomes attracted to you all over again, and who knows, you could very well get your ex back.

Win Your Ex Back - 7 Proven Ways to Do It

If you want win your ex back, then you must take a systematic approach. But, it is hard to think systematically when you're shocked and in pain. Your heart is broken, your mind confused. You think, Everything I do to get my ex back seems to be wrong. Take a deep breath. Here's a seven-step process that will set you firmly on the road to winning your ex back.

1. To win your ex back, you must give yourself time to grieve.

Cry, weep, scream at the walls and go on a two-day binge with pizza, ice cream or another favorite emotional comfort food. But then draw the line. Do not allow the sadness to deepen into depression and overwhelm you.

2. To win your ex back, you must admit your fear.

Reject the panic and the fear that you will never find love again. Find music that calms you. Watch movies that make you laugh. Laughter heals. Know that you will love and be loved again.

3. To win your ex back, you must admit the damage to your pride and self-confidence.

Someone you looked up to, someone you chose to trust has hurt you - and they're still hurting you, without even being in the room. Did you choose unwisely? Did you allow this person to make a fool of you? Ugly thoughts like this may run through your mind. Don't let them. Squelch them immediately. It's important to trust people. Don't beat yourself over the head for having done so. And don't let disappointment make you bitter and suspicious. That would be so sad.

4. To win your ex back, you must accept the reality of the breakup.

Resist all urges to contact your ex. Don't call; don't write. Don't bombard them with messages of love or apologies or make promises you cannot keep and may regret. You both need a cooling off period, a time to regain your inner balance. For now, it's best to let them go.

5. To win your ex back, you must rediscover life; engage in self-renewal.

Make yourself go out and see friends. Surround yourself with those who love you. And shower yourself with love. Freshen up your hairstyle. Have someone style and get new photos taken you can have a totally different picture of yourself. Do the things you couldn't do, but wanted to do, when you were with your ex.

6. To win your ex back, you must bless your ex.

That's right. Bless the one who hurt you. Meditate and bless your ex. Bless him or her every time you think of them. The more blessings you send, the more will come back to you. Some people do not believe that. They prefer to nurture their anger and hatred, thinking it will protect them and harm the other person. In fact, it's just the opposite. Hatred turns people away and leaves the hater even more isolated. So bless your ex, free your heart of anger, if not for your ex's sake, then for yours.

7. To win your ex back, you must practice being grateful.

Sit down and make a list of all the good that remains in your life. Start with the good times you shared with your ex. You know that saying, it's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all? Well, then be grateful for having loved. Then add to the list. Keep adding. And say, "I am so happy and grateful for my ....."

How does all this help you win your ex back? It cleanses your heart of pain and prepares it to both give and receive love again. Hurt, anger, bitterness -- they don't attract love. They repel it. So get rid of all those bad feelings. They're a barrier to your success.

Every super athlete knows that mental training and preparation is essential to their success. Emotions are a form of strength. They will either help you or hurt you in your effort to win your ex back.

So work with your feelings. Make them work for you, instead of against you, in your effort to win your ex back.

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