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It's Been Years and I Still Love My Ex (It's Been Years and I Still Miss My Ex)

Are you worried with the thought it's been years and I still love my ex. Couples reunite after spending years apart and although it's becoming more common today with the added pressures in life, you must tread carefully. If you're in a situation where you're saying it's been years and I still miss my ex, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Oliver SamuelPublished about a year ago 5 min read
It's Been Years and I Still Love My Ex (It's Been Years and I Still Miss My Ex)
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So you are still in love with your ex. Here's what you need to do if you are still in love with your ex...

Make a decision

At this point in your life you have two choices. Move on or give it all it takes to win them back. Both the choices require a lot of courage.

Most people don't do anything and lock themselves up. When you don't make a decision and lock yourself up, you'll go into psychological atrophy a.k.a depression. Life - It makes decisions.

Both the choices require mastering of your emotions.

Transform your emotions

Transform your negative emotions to positive emotions. If you feel bad, write in a piece a paper. On another sheet, write the opposite positive feeling. Keep doing that whenever you feel bad. Otherwise tell yourself inside that you are feeling positive.

If you feel nervous, tell yourself that you are feeling confident. If you are feeling afraid, tell yourself that you are courageous.


Introspect your life and discover your identity. Know your true-self and be that best self. Don't fake and live somebody else's life. Know what you truly want. Ask yourself these questions:

Where do I want to be in the next five years?

What do I love doing the most in this world?

What do I want to be doing in the next five years?

Find the answer and work towards getting there.


Maturity is required if you want to have a successful relationship. Successful marriages are due to one simple reason - Maturity

Only a mature person can adjust and put up with difficulties without blaming anyone. Kids blame and bitch about things, people and their circumstances. In the end, they get nothing out of it. So be mature and do mature things.

If you are complaining about someone, stop it and focus on something else.

Reignite Passion

Reignite the passion in your life. Live your life as though it was an adventure. Explore your life like children while at the same time avoid falling into the immature bitchy mood. Discover your passions and your purpose. Begin at once to do the things that you truly love doing.

4 Easy Ways On How To Get Your Ex To Want You Back Even After Years Of Separation

There can be many instances where you might meet an ex. This is a common thing for a few people and usually there are little problems with it. You may bump into your ex while you're waiting for the train as you travel home or just see them at the local coffee shop while you wait for someone. They might be watching a movie with their new partner while you walk past by them. Or you might see your ex in town after coming back home from working somewhere far away or even overseas. The experience can be great sometimes or it can revive painful memories. It all depends on how long you two have been together.

Longer relationships seem to have a major impact when the time to break up comes. Even though it seems inevitable, it still holds a heavy weight in your decision making process whether you'll try to save it or just let it go. Sometimes the heart does not want to move on and holds the memories in them. As soon as you see your ex walking in front of you, you will instantly notice that the old feeling you have for them suddenly comes rush through your veins.

Let's say you have weighed, measured and you have found yourself wanting your ex back. Even after years apart you still feel that they are truly the one for you, what do you do? How to get your ex to want you back after several years of being with other people or several years in solitude? Do you still think that there could even be a speck of hope for both of you? Is it even possible in your lifetime to see a relationship like that fall for so long yet come back and be as good as new even better? How about current relationships, do you think anyone knows how to get an ex to want you back with them having a relationship that has been longstanding? Even if they were yours before, deeply rooted new relationships can be a great obstacle to tackle. But there is still a glimmer of hope. If you want your ex back, there are ways to let them know.

1. For instance, you can try to do things that you and your ex have been doing before you got separated. If you live on the same small town there might be a chance that he or she will visit that place. And that's a subtle way of reminding them how you love the sweet old days.

2. Another one is cracking silly yet funny jokes at him or her casually every now and then you meet. But keep walking as if you have somewhere else to be. That way you can leave them time to think about you and what it might be like when you spend more time together.

3. Try staring at them for hours and if they comes over and ask you why, just shove it off and say it was really nothing.

4. Be successful in life. That can be a great lure to any man. Because you are confident and very positive you will attract more positive vibes in your life including a great love life. They don't get reeled in then they might not be interested and there is no point anyway of getting on with it.

Be reminded that what you feel does not equate to what they feel. It might be a different story for them. Even if you talk to them if they are not interested then they may not tell you anyway. The best advice on how to get your ex to want you back if the relationship had been over for a long time is to try to move on. It really happens and even if you try to explain the heart does not speak the human language. No reason or logic can dictate the heart. It has a mind of its own.

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