Is Love Biological Entanglement?

by John Ames Birch 8 months ago in love

What truly connects us?

Is Love Biological Entanglement?

I have been thinking about love a lot given the time of year and it occurred to me that love is far stronger than we think.

Think of the odds of two people finding love amongst all the fear and hatred that surrounds us. A love so strong that it defies borders, religion, and ignorance. A love so profound that it can change the world and does so every single day in acts of true love.

We make these connections between each other to join hearts and hands in one way or another through choice and will. These directed moments of space time that we choose to share with others.

We are essentially bundles of particles, and if entanglement can be found in single particles, can it not be surmised that it can exist within living bunches of space time that we call our family, our friends, and our lovers?

What if biological entanglement occurs when you truly see or observe another person and they truly see you? What if this chosen observance creates these entangled pairs like it does on the molecular level?

Is this why people who are truly in love would do anything for that other person because they are entangled together? Choosing to share their moments in space time through sheer will. Two sides of the same heart connected on a far deeper level than what can be seen from outside observance.

Love is everything, it is the one thing that connects us all, the one thing we all share. What if love is the first and last spatial dimension, the unifying field behind and beyond this limited terrestrial existence?

What if love can transcend time and space to create these entangled connections that make life worth living? The bonds we share that shape our heats, minds, and our worlds.

This is why when these connections are made one-sided or unequal, pain is inevitable. When one side of the connection is abruptly severed, is it so hard to move on as the pairs remain entangled on a far deeper level than just biological?

These chosen moments in space time directed by love. These bonds that we form along our branching arches of probability, carved from the landscape of nothingness by our choices. Forming. Together like the branches of a tree speeding upwards to the light so are we drawn through choice towards our version of a higher being or place, but the secret long forgotten is that the Divine has been with us this entire time.

Working through us, through our hearts as we choose to love. The ripples or echoes cast by these acts of true love shine a light on the hearts of all who feel that light—that hope.

These everyday miracles found in random acts of kindness show another struggling soul; there is still love to be found in this ever darkening world.

Love is perfect, but it’s our understanding of that love that needs to evolve. Love is love—as long as it’s shared, respected, and understood, it becomes the most powerful thing in creation.

These branches of yaggdrisil, carved out of probability, shape the very foundation of what we have come to understand about linear time.

The one thing that we all share, the link or entanglement of our species, the glue that holds the very stars together is Love.

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one.”

How does it work?
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“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

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