I Come First

by JAPPY . 2 years ago in advice / humanity

The most important relationship is you.

I Come First

When growing up, you get taught to do things for others, make others happy, and not to do this and that because of what other people might say. I mean Albert Einstein says it himself: ''Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.'' It is good to do things for others and to make a positive impact on others and the world, but what about me?

We often neglect to take care of ourselves, our feelings, and desires. But why? Maybe because society will look at us and think we are up ourselves, uncaring, and selfish. No. That is the most caring thing you can ever do! The best thing you can do is putting yourself first in many situations. Of course, not all. But why should we put ourselves through pain just to see others satisfied? Life is a precious gem we should make the most of it and do things that make us happy and be ourselves.

The day we stop caring about what others want is the day we will be living, breathing human beings. The world will be a happier place if we put ourselves first.

We put so much energy into making others happy and doing things for others. When we are in a relationship, we make an effort to maintain the relationship, support the person, getting to know them and maybe spoil them like crazy. Imagine doing that for yourself. Imagine just spending time with yourself doing the things you love doing and trying to get to know yourself better. We need to love ourselves first before we can love anyone else. If we don't love ourselves, how can we ever give true love to anyone?

Put yourself first. Do things for yourself. Write a list of what you want to achieve. No not about anyone else but YOU. The most important thing is YOU. Once you start doing it, I am sure you will begin to feel more content with life. Just try and give it a go. A relationship with ourselves is always tricky and hard to maintain, sometimes we will end up putting other relationships first, and that's natural I guess, but never forget about one of the most important relationships in the world—You.

Let me give you an example; you have been offered a job of your dreams, you have been working day and night to get this job. You are happy and excited and can't believe your luck. However, you realise the location of the job requires you to move far from everyone. You think about it. That happy smile turns into a frown. You realise it won't make others happy around you because they don't want you to move away or simply rely on you to do many things for them. You realise you have many responsibilities attached to you and people's happiness in your hands. You throw the opportunity away just for those people. Aww isn't that cute? Yes. No. There are plenty of people out there who would never have a second thought about it. They would do anything to get the opportunity of their dreams. Why let it go? You work so hard to get this opportunity, and you let it go for unhappy faces. It's hard to say no to others and do things for ourselves, but we must make a step towards our path and not others.

They say, the quieter you become, the more you can hear. Let me leave you on this note...

Would you rather suffer pain or smile? You decide.

We say no to ourselves by saying yes to others.

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