Passion and Pain

by JAPPY . 2 years ago in advice

Beauty and the Beast

Passion and Pain

A lot of things cause us pain, but do we ever think about our passions causing us pain? Not really. Pain is mostly associated with physical pain and pain that has been caused by someone, love, etc. Hardly anyone talks about how passion can sometimes cause us pain as well as do good to us.

Have you ever had so much passion for something you love, for example your career, that it hurts when there is no value put on it, or it just goes unnoticed?

Sometimes when we actually care about something like our career and others around you don’t, it hurts. You think why do I put so much effort and time into my passion and why do I care so much about the thing that means dear to me? Sometimes you may think I need to back off with my passion, take a back seat and just be neutral just like everyone else. No. Why should you? The world lacks genuine people who have a passion for things so why avoid and not put your full energy into it?

Not everyone in the profession that you are in is going to be passionate as you are about the profession. Some people enter that profession because maybe they have good skills in it or maybe it's a good way to make money. When we get excited about new projects or we simply want to push and get best results for something, we might be looked at as weird, and some may think its only a job and nothing more. When you are passionate about something, it is never a job. In fact just like what Humble the Poet says ''Turning your passion into a job can be the quickest way to lose the love for your passion."

If those around are not passionate as you are or just simply overlook your passion for that particular thing and don’t utilise your skills, then find people that do. Don’t waste your energy with people who genuinely don’t want your passion, your work and effort, give it to those who will appreciate it. Never let your work go in vain and especially your passion. Turning away your passion is like breaking a petal off from a pretty rose. Turn to another source.

They say pain causes you to produce your best work. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Sometimes when we receive pain from caring so much about our passions, we almost feel like we need to prove it to ourselves and do something about it and utilise your skills to the best of your ability.

People don’t care about your passion? Who cares? As long as you, do that’s all that matters. There will surely be people who will admire you for your passion and be inspired by it so never let go of your passions—it's about finding the right environment.

So use that pain that our passion can sometimes cause us and produce your best work and take it to a different level rather than the level where there is no value and appreciation for passion. Take it where it is genuinely needed and where there will be value.

I know people will have different opinions on this topic, but this is just my point of view. You don’t have to agree or understand it. This blog is indeed dear to me as I sometimes get hurt by my passion. Sometimes I do feel like maybe things would be easier without having a passion for certain things. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it no other way. Passion has produced so much good change and work. Passion is something that drives and pushes us to the end result. Without passion, this world would be just black and white.

Let this pain teach us to not waste time around those who don’t value our passions. Let this pain get out of us the best work we can produce. Here is to pain and passion.

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