How to Tell If He's Cheating on You

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Are you sensing that your significant other is seeing someone else? Check for any of the signs indicating that he's cheating on you.

How to Tell If He's Cheating on You

We can't help but confess that there are certainly times in a relationship that we can sense our partner is cheating on us. Whether he's going out more than hanging with you, or he's hiding his phone from you, there are definitely signs that he actually is seeing someone else. It's sad to say, but it's true.

However, if you're currently in a relationship and are seeing slight hints that he's cheating on you, become fully aware with these signs of cheating. If any of these signs are familiar to you in any way, then there's a possibility that he has another partner other than you. Don't let him get away with being with you and seeing someone else, catch him in the act and set things straight.

He has mood swings.

In a relationship, it's not entirely common for one person to constantly have mood swings — especially towards his significant other. If your boyfriend/husband is always lashing out on you or has a really high temper, there is a chance that he's cheating on you.

Most boyfriends are caring and kind to whoever they're dating. In this case, if he's always angry with you, then chances are that he lost feelings for you and is seeing someone else.

He's slowly avoiding you.

If your husband is avoiding you more often, chances are that he's avoiding you to see someone else. If he actually loved you, he would want to spend more time with you and find it difficult to leave your side.

But if he's going out often or has excuses to not have sex, then he's probably cheating on you, since he's trying his best to avoid you. If this is the case, confront him on his constant excuses.

He has new moves in the bedroom.

If the two of you are having sex and he's suddenly mastering new moves... where did he learn these positions? You'd think the only way he'd test out these positions is with you. But if he's experimenting with new moves that he's never tried on you before, who is he practicing with?

If you come across this at any time, question him. If he's cheating on you, he'd come up with ridiculous excuses like, "I knew this move before," or, "beginner's luck." Don't fall for these.

He loses track more often.

If he's cheating on you, he'll most likely lose track more often. So, if you're talking about your day in full detail and he's not entirely listening, and can't repeat what you just said, then he's clearly not putting his full focus on you.

Most partners would pay attention and easily know some details to your stories, it shows that they care about you and what you have to say. But, if he can't even remember the slightest detail from what you said, he's not paying attention to you, but he probably is to someone else...

He changed his phone's passcode.

This is a major sign indicating he's cheating on you — changing his passcode. Now, I'm sure the majority of people in relationships have full trust in each other, meaning that their phones are wide open for their partner to look through. They might even know their partners' passcode on their phone.

However, if you knew your boyfriend's passcode and he suddenly changes it without giving you a reason, chances are he's cheating on you. Why? Because he doesn't want you to know that he's seeing someone else. At this point, you have to question him constantly and even manage to get into his phone to see exactly what he's hiding. You and I both know that this isn't a normal move to pull on your significant other. If he's not telling you the passcode, then something is up. Hey, in this case, hacking into his phone isn't the wrong option.

He’s constantly working late.

If he's always "working late" it's straight up bullshit. How many times a month is your boyfriend working overtime? Is he making an excuse to stay at work to finish up on work? In this situation, he's cheating on you.

Rather than staying at work late, he's meeting up with the person he's having an affair with. Why else would he tell you that he's stuck at work until later in the night? To get with the other person, of course. Find ways to know if he's actually at work or not, because "working late" sounds very shady if he's doing it often.

He hides his financial history from you.

Here's another sign; he's hiding his financial history from you. If he's grabbing his credit card bills quickly before you get to check the mail, then something is up. It's not usual for your partner to lock away or shred his bills.

If he's trying his best to prevent you from even peeking at his bills, then you'll probably see the gifts he's bought for the person he's seeing and dinner date bills he's been taking her to. He wouldn't have cared if there was nothing to hide on his bills. But if he's not letting you look at his bills, then that means he's spending money on his other partner.

He’s becoming more selfish.

It's not really usual for your partner to be selfish towards you. If he's constantly thinking about himself and his needs rather than putting you first, chances are that he's cheating on you. You'd think that your husband would almost always put your needs first, but if he isn't, then something doesn't seem right.

Say, if you need to take the car to see your mother, but he takes it to watch a football game with his friend, or other partner, then he's not seeing which side is more important. Being selfish shows that he doesn't care for you and would rather put himself first.

He’s suddenly manscaping often.

Remember when he didn't care about his pubic hair and if his chest needed a wax? And now he's suddenly cleaner than a pornstar? Why is he suddenly cleaning himself up when he didn't care in the past? If this isn't a sign that he's cheating on you, then I don't know what is.

If your husband is cleaning himself up constantly and is always bare, then he's probably trying to look good for someone else... not you. At this point, ask him why he's suddenly manscaping, because it doesn't seem right.

Lizzie Boudoir
Lizzie Boudoir
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