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Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

by Lizzie Boudoir 3 years ago in dating

Believe a shy guy has feeling for you? See some of these signs a shy guy likes you and tell whether or not he's actually fond of you.

Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

When it comes to shy guys, it's actually pretty hard to tell if they like you or not, because they're just so quiet! They're not like most guys who are very outgoing, loud, and straightforward if they like someone. But I have to admit, shy guys are pretty cute. You can just tell how innocent and caring they are... not so much innocent (sometimes), but they certainly do care for those they love. Even though they don't say much, they hold so many thoughts and secrets that you would never believe. After talking to a shy guy for a while, you might leave thinking he's actually not that shy.

But if a shy guy likes you, there's a whole lot of mixed signals and confusion coming your way. It's literally like solving a puzzle when you come across a shy person who you kind of think likes you. It's definitely difficult to distinguish, I've gone through this before. It's almost like you have to pull out a pen and paper and write out the problem and hopefully find the solution. Instead of actually doing that and making it harder on yourself, I've conjured up a couple of signs a shy guy likes you. Be aware, some of these signs can come across as how he really is as a person, but many of them are actual signs a shy guy has feelings for you. Just don't study him too much, or you'll end up looking like a total creep.

He talks to you A LOT through texting or online.

This is a major one, and I wanted to start off this list of signs a shy guy likes you with this point. Most shy guys find it very difficult to talk to you in person, because they view your reactions to whatever they're saying. And this really makes it harder for them to talk, because they think that they're saying really stupid stuff (I'll get into that in a bit).

Introverts love social media. They have much more confidence when communicating with you through text messaging, social media, etc. This way, they don't actually see your facial expressions and they won't be nervous to say specific things, ergo, not making the conversation awkward. Many people have full confidence behind the screen, and shy guys find this form of communication much simpler and less nerve-wracking than talking face to face. No matter how much they want to actually talk to you in person, they just find is very difficult to hold a conversation.

He’s clumsy around you.

If he's really clumsy around you, and only you, then he might like you. Just the sight of you and being around him almost makes him weak at his knees and his mind completely blanks out, causing him to pull off some pretty clumsy moves.

Haven't you watched certain films where the shy guy either trips, drops his things, or spills on himself when he sees the girl that he likes? Yeah, clumsy moves like that. If the shy guy you know does any of those constantly around you, he's losing his focus and ends up making a fool out of himself. But you know that he doesn't look like a fool in your eyes.

He stares at you when you’re not looking.

This goes for many people who like anyone, they stare at the person they like until they awkwardly catch his/her glimpse. But from the signs a shy guy likes you, staring is a big one, too. If he doesn't have the courage to talk to you and converse, then he'll most likely just stare at you. Either enjoying your presence or trying so hard to think of ways to start a conversation with you.

He may watch you for a couple of minutes, or even more. But you'll most likely catch him staring and he'll immediately spin away, and possibly turn bright red in embarrassment. At this point, it's up to you whether or not to approach him, or leave it up to him! Shy guys need to come out of their shell sooner or later, right?

He stutters when he’s talking to you.

Often times, when you're talking to a really shy person, stuttering can come either way. If he's having difficulty getting words out it might be because he's talking to someone he's fond of.

It's possible that he'll blank out in the midst of a sentence, leaving him tripping over words and not really making any sense. At this point, you can ask him to go slow and repeat himself, because he's now viewing himself as a stuttering mess. Don't leave him hanging there, laugh it off and ask him to restate whatever he was having trouble saying.

He treats you differently than other girls.

If he's treating you differently than other girls, than it's certainly one of the signs a shy guy likes you. But this goes for anyone, too. If a person has feelings for you, he'll most likely put you first, talk to you the most, and act differently than how he is around other girls. They just want you to pay attention to them.

But for shy guys, if you pay attention to how he is around other girls and then to you, and there's a fine line in difference, then it must mean that he likes you. Most guys won't go out of their way to treat a specific girl differently, unless he likes you, of course. So, if he's doing favors for you, listening to you more, and goes out of his way to be by you the most, it's fair to say that he's fond of you.

He opens up to you easily.

Easily opening up is certainly one of the signs a shy guy likes you. Being an introvert, no shy guy can plainly "open up" to someone, it takes a hell of a long time. There's just so many ways to really get to know a shy person. But if a shy guy opens up to you within one conversation, he likes you. Simple as that.

If you're into a shy person at the moment, or were in the past, you can agree with me that it's difficult to break through those walls to really see how the person is feeling. I've been through it, and I can say it took a good two months. Other shy people take more months or even a year to fully open up. But if the shy guy immediately opens up to you, comfortably knowing that his secrets are safe with you, then without a doubt he likes you.

He seems annoyed when you’re with other guys.

I tend to laugh at this one the most, because it's clear that he's super jealous, and it's also huge in the signs a shy guy likes you. Since the quiet one either has small talks with you or doesn't talk to you at all, when he sees you with other guys, it can tick him off. It just means that he's jealous, nothing bad towards you. He also probably wishes that he had the same confidence and social skills as those guys talking to you. He may be even be scared that you'll fall for one of those guys.

At this moment, the shy guy will either stare in envy and be totally bummed out or he'll slowly make his way into the conversation you're having with another guy just to grab your attention, and possibly lure you away from the other guy. Yes, it's pretty sneaky, but he just wants you to pay more attention to him, even though his communication skills aren't the greatest.

He sometimes says dumb things.

Remember when I said a shy guy can think he's saying some really stupid stuff when he's talking to someone he likes? It's true, but it's not entirely his fault that he's saying things that don't really make sense. He just either wants to sound sophisticated or wants to make you laugh!

So, his jokes may be very corny or his facts aren't quite accurate, but, trust me, he's trying his best to talk to you. Some shy guys won't take it to the point of saying a few jokes to make you laugh.

He stands up for you.

If he's constantly sticking up for you, that means it's one of the signs a shy guy likes you. Even though this can go for anyone who likes a person, a shy guy standing up for you actually takes a lot out of him. Shy people in general hate to be the center of attention, but if you're being attacked by words or if people are really disagreeing with your opinions, he'll stick by your side and back up everything you're saying.

He's trying to show you that he'll always be there for you, even if he's quiet and doesn't really speak his mind much. So, be grateful that the shy guy is willing to face others and stand up for you, even though it's killing him inside. Know that he's doing it for you.

He tends to always agree with your opinions and decisions.

Similar to standing up for you, one of the signs a shy guy likes you is if he agrees with almost any opinion you have. He's trying to impress you that he has the same opinions as you, and also attempting to make you feel better about your thoughts.

It's also a sign that he likes you if he's super fascinated in your passions and interests. He might even get into them, too, if it means making conversation and hopefully you liking him in return. Even if they're passions that he has no knowledge of, he'll study it in order to converse with you about them.

Body Language

Always pay attention to body language! It's sometimes the gateway to a person liking you, unless the person has difficulty socializing as a whole. But when it comes to body language while talking to a shy guy, focus on his eye contact, hand movements, and body positions.

If he's having a tough time locking eyes with you while speaking, constantly fidgeting his fingers, or can't settle into one position, then there's a chance that he likes you. Even in the midst of a conversation with you, he may not be able to focus on what you're saying simply because he's talking to you. He'll try to persistently adjust himself in order to be and feel comfortable.

He seems interested, but never makes a move.

Personally, this is a major, major, major one. And this can be very frustrating to you as it really was to me. If a shy guy likes you, there's a chance that he won't ever make the move — no matter how fond of you he is. He just doesn't have the confidence to come up to you and say it straightforwardly.

But, there are also times when you think he's interested, but he actually isn't, which is why he's never making a move. Be aware of this for it can be extremely tricky to distinguish. And I know, you don't want to make the move either, because you may not know whether or not he likes you. But if he fits into three or more of these signs a shy guy likes you, then it means he truly likes you and doesn't have the courage or faith to ask you out. Or he believes that he's too shy to date. Instead, you ask him out! I guarantee he'll be super relieved and very happy that you made the first move.

He’ll always remember the little things about you.

A guy remembering the little things about you is definitely one of the signs a shy guy likes you — without a doubt. No person would remember the specific brand of perfume the other person is wearing, where they went over the summer, what foods they hate, how they take their coffee, unless they were into them. It's seen as a waste of time for a person to remember every little thing about everyone.

But for shy guys, they really lock down every small thing about you. If you told a shy person that you hate fish, and can't resist the smell of roses, if he likes you, he'll certainly remember those and keep them in mind. Hey, he might even gift you a rose and avoid taking you out to sushi... if he ever asks you out. But they truly do remember the little things about you, which makes shy guys a lot more adorable and attractive, because it shows that they care about you.

Lizzie Boudoir
Lizzie Boudoir
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