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How to Seduce a Woman : 7 SECRETS & Seduction Techniques


By wolfmalePublished 2 months ago 12 min read

A woman has caught your eye and you are wondering how to seduce her? Or you don't have anyone in mind but you just want to prepare to be on top on D-Day, so you're looking for tips on how to attract a woman and please her?

It must be recognized that the more it goes, the more difficult they are! And now it's so easy to meet people that the competition is fierce. Thus, to seduce and attract a woman, you must be prepared gentlemen. And it is not enough to be on top physically or to show the image of an Alpha Male. Seduction is an art and you will not only have to avoid the main mistakes while adopting an irreproachable attitude.

So whether you're shy, have difficulty communicating, or lack experience, it doesn't matter! Take matters into your own hands and decide your sentimental future today by following these 7 rules, which will change your vision of seduction. Do not wait any longer and read the rest of this article carefully, but above all apply these tips now!



In this article, I want to provide you with concrete solutions so that you are sure to attract a woman you like but also to make her addicted. For this, I do not hide from you that some effort will be necessary. In particular, you will have to enhance your seduction capital. But you will see very quickly that the results will live up to your expectations.

But first of all, you must understand why it is important to ask yourself how to attract a woman.

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Indeed, you must be aware that there is no magic formula and that the number 1 key is your way of adapting. Each woman has her own selection criteria and for her to be crazy about you, you will have to meet her expectations.

Seducing a woman can become very simple if you master certain codes and patterns. And the understanding of female psychology and more particularly of the woman who is in front of you is essential. But sometimes the biggest blockage comes from you and so you have to fight it before you start.


When you wonder how to attract a woman and seduce her, there are actions to put in place and of course mistakes that must absolutely be avoided.

Here, I will present to you what I consider to be the 3 essential principles when you want to know how to attract a woman. There are of course others but which in my eyes are a little less important and which I will discuss a little further down in the article. If you are at the very beginning of your seduction, I advise you to follow these three secrets of seduction as a priority.

1/ Stop putting it on a pedestal!

Seducing and attracting a woman is like an impossible mission for many men. And this for a very specific reason: you regularly dream of your romantic encounter, hoping to be able to find the ideal girl. And which in addition will not make you lose all your means!

When a woman pleases him, the man inevitably tends to put her on a pedestal. It's not necessarily a bad thing at first, but it becomes so when it leads to intimidating you and making you lose your way. Indeed, the risk is that your very strong attraction leads to blockages.

You are afraid to go see her, to talk to her, you are afraid of her reactions etc. The big problem is that when you get to this stage you idealize the person and very often you imagine yourself doing this or that. But once in reality, nothing happens as you would like.

But in general, when a woman really pleases you and you are a little tetanized at the idea of seducing her, the watchword is de-dramatization. Act like she's a co-worker or friend you feel absolutely nothing for. You will see it will loosen you up a bit and you will look much cooler.

Because yes, women realize when you put pressure on yourself and see them as a trophy!

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2/ Seduce this woman by surprising her and making her dream!

Attracting a woman means offering her an image of the modern man that meets her expectations. If you are an avid reader of my website, you know the most serious societal problem in our love life: Walt Disney and Hollywood have changed our expectations in terms of love life. Now for her to fall in love, you have the obligation to make her dream!

But be careful, when a woman tells you that she is expecting a tall, dark, muscular man with a well-filled bank account, that does not mean that if you do not meet her criteria you have no chance of meeting her. understand and therefore seduce her. On the contrary, you always have the opportunity to surprise her by reusing certain important points.

To make her dream is above all to show her that you understand her and that you will be able to meet her expectations. But for that, you will have to take an interest in her, ask her the right questions and prove to her that this is also what you expect from your side.

For example, to seduce a woman on the first date, you can take her to a concert, but I invite you first to take an interest in the music she likes in order to enter her world. Otherwise, if it's an artist she hates, you risk going the wrong way and missing that first appointment!

Thus, it is not useful to use words to attract a girl, because the best way to seduce a woman is to surprise her... Wait, you didn't think you were attracting women without doing anything!

3 / How to attract girls: Forget the challenge and the complexity of seduction!

It was after several years of analysis concerning the relationships between men and women that I understood what the huge problem is in terms of love life, and more specifically in seduction for men.

I realized that the objective of the result is a huge obstacle to seduction and your ability to charm a woman. You feel like without her number you won't be able to make her fall in love. Worse still, if she refuses to give it to you, you tell yourself that she is not interested. Therefore, you only focus on steps but never on the root of the problem: how to attract a girl differently and therefore stand out from the others.

What if in reality it was just a test to check your motivation? Yes it's possible !

In reality, the biggest limit in seduction is yourself. Don't start with a negative preconception. So, just because you are shy, anxious, single for a long time does not mean that you are unable to speak or please women.

Especially since many experts agree that French women are the most complex to seduce. What you add extra weight when it comes to getting started!

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You must therefore agree to receive help to defuse the situation. And in this sense, coaching in seduction is the appropriate response to your blockages or your difficulties. With a coach, you will learn to no longer see the issue negatively and to take advantage of the present moment. As much to tell you that it is equivalent to guaranteed meetings.


How to attract girls and especially how to stop making dumplings? Here are 2 questions to ask yourself.

You must bear in mind that seducing is not just about using tricks or techniques to attract a girl. We must also avoid falling into certain traps. Here I present to you the 4 mistakes to absolutely avoid when you want to attract the attention of a woman you like.

1/ Stop being too banal to attract a woman

Attracting a woman is not an easy exercise, I am aware of that. Especially when you have an uncontrolled fear of doing wrong and are reluctant to put yourself forward.

Yet, one of the most important steps in seduction is showcasing your personality. Indeed, it is important in seduction to know how to stand out and be unique. That is to say to prove to this woman you like that you have assets that other men envy you. Charisma is essential to attract a woman and you must be aware of it.

The fear of doing wrong keeps you from letting go and you find refuge in the basic actions that all other men would do, to ensure the bare minimum.

Unfortunately, these actions are no longer enough to seduce and attract a woman. You have to be ready to do a lot more.

One aspect that is also overlooked is the dress look. It is well known, women love clothes so gentlemen please, make an effort! Start by matching the right colors together! And if you need a boost, do not hesitate to consider a makeover or shopping session. Sometimes the difference is in the details...

2/ Do not give the image of a big heavyweight!

It is also important to give the image of a confident man. But be careful, this notion should not be confused with the fact of passing for a big flirt, a big heavy or even worse, for someone who is only looking for a one-night stand.

Of course you must send back the image of a man who is successful and who the "prize", this is the Prizing technique. But be careful not to pass for a man to woman, and therefore automatically for someone who is not serious.

On the contrary even. I would tend to say that you are going to have to inspire confidence in him because when we want to attract a woman, she must also feel special in our eyes.

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3/ Don't be stingy!

Well I must tell you that I hate clichés. But on the other hand, I think everyone will agree that women love little attentions and more particularly pretty gifts.

So gentlemen, please don't pull out your wads of cash to impress the girls. But on the contrary, when you go out for a drink or to a restaurant, a minimum of gallantry is necessary. Thus, you will have to play the gentleman and when the bill comes do not split the bill.

Be classy and expect nothing in return except a thank you.

Don't worry, I guarantee it will be the best investment of your life!

On the other hand, completely forget about giving her gifts so that she succumbs to your charm (or your wallet rather). You would then risk pushing her to see only this aspect. You are better than that...

4/ My last tip for attracting a woman: start by being the man of your life!

"To be happy together, let's start by being happy by being alone".

There is no shame in being single and flourishing in this situation, on the contrary it is by being serene and comfortable in your own skin that you will be able to gain confidence. It is essential to be able to appreciate yourself at your fair value and to build your independence in order to have a serene life as a couple. Too many people fall into a sentimental and emotional addiction because they make love an obsession.

It should also be noted that this lack of self-confidence is one of the primary causes of rupture.

I often say that a couple is above all composed of two different personal entities, which decide to share their passions, their desires and their needs. It is therefore essential to be able to build yourself before trying to attract a woman to yourself. The priority is to be and even more to remain in his eyes a unique and attractive man.

Building your seduction is a very good way to get to know your desires and define them. Get out of the imposed codes and castrating patterns, which tend to restrain you and influence your desires. You need to define your own goals and follow your needs for maximum efficiency, but also to gain confidence and self-esteem.

To sum up, you must be the man you dream of and are proud of!

It is important to have your own hobbies and practice them. Most encounters do not happen by chance. If you enjoy visiting museums, consider taking a look at single women, you will see there are a lot of them. On the occasion of an exhibition why not share your passion with one of them and even try to seduce her! This is the best way to find a woman with whom you will have affinities…



Have you found the rare pearl? Still wondering how to attract a woman? Now is the time to take action! For this, the best is to take care to make him experience new sensations and to make him discover activities.

Would you be able to organize surprise meetings? Sensational weekends? To show you as the perfect man so that she always keeps a positive image in mind? Do not forget to have an action plan over several weeks in order to give everything in your seduction.

Expressing your feelings can be a solution, but frankly gentlemen, words are sometimes superfluous when actions speak for you!

By applying these different tips you will master your seduction and will be able to effectively attract your future conquest.

See you soon.

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