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How To Fix A Woman's Bad Mood

And no, it's not taking her for ice-cream.

By Ellen "Jelly" McRaePublished 16 days ago 4 min read
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You get home from work and your woman is angry. 

You wake up in the morning and she is in a fury. 

It comes to that time of the month and she's in a mood that you can seem to get her out of.

You look around you and you want to pull her out of this bad mood.

Not only does it break your heart to see her like this, but selfishly, your relationship can't stand another bad mood. 

Sex goes right out the window. Rational conversations go along with it. And any good times you hope to have you know will never materialise because her bad mood overshadows any hope you have. 

We all know bad moods suck.

But you're human. You get it that they happen, right?

And from your own bad moods, you hope someone can do something to pull you out. And passing on this desire to your partner seems like a gesture of love. You want her bad mood to end and be the one who does it.

So you want to know how to do it? From one woman to you?

Ok, you're going to hate me, but there's no way to fix her bad mood. 

Now before you hate me for click-baiting you or leading you down the garden path, let me explain a few things about dealing with a woman in a bad mood.

When it comes to being in a bad mood, we don't want your help. Though partners work together through things in life, we don't want you to come and wave a magic wand and make everything better. 

Nor do we want you to think we go through this life waiting for you to fix things. It's not why we date you.

Now, there are some women who defy this. 

Some women claim they engage in romantic relationships just for problem-solving. They aren't the rule. The majority of us don't feel the need for anyone to fix what we have going on.

You might start arguing with me about some female science about an innate desire to have men help us. 

You can throw science at this all you want. 

Yet, as a modern woman, with modern female friends, this isn't how we live our lives.

We also don't believe there is anything you can do that entirely pulls us out of this bad mood. I know people talk about the simplistic ways of cheering someone you know up.

Make them laugh.

Distract them from the problem.

Go do something you know they will love and will make them smile.

Those things can help to bring positivity to the person, to hopefully counteract what worries them. 

But superficial gestures won't unwind any deep-rooted anxiety or concerns a woman has. 

If their bad mood comes from depression, for example, no amount of "cheering up" will work. You can't cure mental health issues, for example.

And you run the risk of offending them by thinking taking them out for ice cream will allay their concerns about their job, as another example. 

Or for the fact, they're pissed off at you for insulting them the night before. 

Or for the fact, they don't feel happy about their life and don't know how to pull themselves out of this slump.

It's in the same way you know one trip to the pub won't fix your surmounting work stress. Or crippling debt that you're trying desperately to solve, for example. 

Though these gestures show you care, we don't want you to do them with the only hope of solving our bad mood. It would be a waste of your time.

If I could offer any practical advice on how to help a woman get out of her bad mood… 

…it would be to implement one simple concept; support. Don't try to end the situation, but support her through it. This support, once again, is no more different from the support you hope for when life is biting you in the ass.

Be there, be kind, don't add to the stress, and don't try to belittle it.

These are times when we women aren't that complicated. We're human beings who go through life the same way you do. 

It's not because we're aliens, despite the divide we continue to promote in society. We're people who endure the same hardships as everyone else.

The only complicated thing about "dealing" with women is the cliches confusing the hell of our people like you. 

Forget that we're different sexes and remember we're just human and you'll be ok.


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