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How To Change Yourself To Save Your Marriage (How To Change Yourself For Your Husband / Wife)

If you're in a situation where you're trying to figure out how to change yourself to save your marriage, well you're certainly not alone. At the same time you certainly have some work to do, so you best get started now. There's usually one main reason that causes you to be in a position where you're thinking about how to change yourself for your husband or wife.

By Hailey SadiePublished 2 years ago 6 min read
How To Change Yourself To Save Your Marriage (How To Change Yourself For Your Husband / Wife)
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I have some specific marriage help laid out below for you to transform your marriage but I wonder how much you really want to change. A lot of us say we want a better marriage but for some reason don't want to make changes to get what we want. Often times we want our spouse to change and thus think that's the best chance of transforming the marriage.

Well this marriage help is all about you and changing how you are handling key aspects of your relationship. There is time down the road to get your spouse fixed.

Marriage Help #1 - Don't Look To Your Spouse For Happiness

Your spouse should compliment your life but not necessarily be your life. If you depend solely on the words and actions of your spouse for your happiness then you will rarely be happy. Your spouse may be the most wonderful person in the world but he or she is just human. Along with human nature comes imperfections and it also results in not measuring up to expectations at times.

It's important to understand that your spouse is human and capable of disappointing and frustrating you at times. Since you know this will be the case your attitude and demeanor shouldn't get too high or too low. This will keep you balanced and happy.

Marriage Help #2 - Commit To Not Arguing or Fighting Over Unimportant Stuff

When marriages are going great the little annoying habits tend to get graciously overlooked. Why rock the boat when the waters are calm and the relationship is going smooth, right? It's another thing when tension is high and you feel frustrated or disappointed by something your spouse did or didn't do.

Make a commitment to yourself to not partake in arguments or fights about nothing. The less stuff you fight about the better your relationship will be. Of course, if a matter is important to you or the family then deal with it in a loving and kind manner. Every issue doesn't need to be resolved with an argument. Use a little love and your spouse will respect and love you even more.

Marriage Help #3 - Ask Your Spouse How You Can Be A Better Helpmate

You may think you are setting yourself up to be taken advantage of but don't be afraid to ask this question. It will help your marriage if you understand what your spouse needs or doesn't need from you. Perhaps you are like a lion who likes to control any and all things with the relationship. Perhaps if it doesn't go your way then no peace can be found in your house or marriage. Maybe, your spouse can give you some constructive feedback on how to be a better spouse.

This will serve two purposes. Your spouse will appreciate that you are willing to change for the sake of your relationship and soften your spouses heart regarding changing. If your spouse says you are perfect just as you are don't settle for that. Come up with 3 things that you think would make your marriage better and ask your partner to comment on them.

I know marriage help is not easy to accept because for some it signifies some kind of failure. Please know that the only way you fail is by doing nothing.

The Number One Reason Most People Don't Have a Happy Marriage

It's not because of a lack of love, it's because of a lack of something else. No, not sex.

When you look at the reality of marriage today. My best guess is that about 10%-15% of marriages are happy. Happy doesn't mean that things are just OK.

A happy marriage means that you are still in love with and feel a deep connection and passion for your partner. That your life is enhanced is so many ways because of your marriage and you feel grateful to have that person to share your life with. After 14 years together, that's where I am in my marriage. Do you know many people who are really happily married?

Why do so many couples struggle? There's plenty information out there about what to do to fix your relationship. I have a free report on my website loaded with content that works fast. I constantly refer people to it who cannot afford my guidance. But, very few actually look at it. Do they connect with me hoping for the easy instantaneous miracle after 9 years of misery?

Here's the truth: Marriage isn't easy. Marriage can be difficult. Any long term relationship can have challenging moments. Being with another person isn't always perfectly fun. There will be tough moments.

What do people do in those difficult moments? They are mostly doing very little. How are people responding to the challenges in their relationships? They are mostly responding poorly.

Here's Why: The #1 Thing that people lack is not love, it's not information, it's COURAGE.

It takes courage to put your partner first. It takes courage to make your marriage more important than something else in your busy life. It takes courage to have heart felt understanding for your partner. It takes courage to admit you are wrong and apologize. It takes real courage to want something exceptional and have the willingness to do something all the time to make it happen.

It takes courage to step into the difficult thing and to do it even when it's really tough and you don't want to, and you are afraid. Maybe you are afraid of rejection, afraid of not being enough, afraid of giving and not getting anything back. Facing all of those fears and doing it anyway requires courage.

Here's a suggestion that I gave a woman recently who is going through a tough time and is at odds with her partner:

"Maybe John is feeling off because he doesn't know how to handle you right now and you are feeling off because you don't know how you feel about him exactly...

If you decided that you were going to ask him to hold you for a few moments... , and know that he might want to say something you wouldn't want to hear, and might be confused... , and still allow that to happen... knowing that it was hard to do anyway... and find something in that holding that could create a new moment. That requires courage... doing it and knowing it may not happen the way you want, anddoing it anyway, because if it works it will be so worthwhile... maybe incredibly comforting... maybe re-connecting.

That's courage in action, and your willingness to step into your courage and do that over and over again knowing it might fail, and knowing that you never fail when you are addressing fear, creates a strength that can't be taken away."

This is how marriages get transformed, one act of courage at a time. This is how relationships get changed. Find the courage to do something that's difficult all the time and everything will change and it will get easier and easier to do. Right now is a great time to start.

Relationships cause incredible stress. Marriage success eludes most people because they simply don't know how to deal with the natural differences between men an women.. There are simple strategies that anyone can learn.

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