HER: A Short Story of a Damaged Friendship

by Adizzy D 11 months ago in friendship

When you think you met the best friend of your dreams, but it turns out, not so much!

HER: A Short Story of a Damaged Friendship

Her—I never liked her. I stopped coming around because of her. There was something about HER. I sat and scratched my head as my friends told me about what they really thought about her, but why didn’t you say anything to me about her? The blank looks I got, shoulder shrugged, or the “I didn’t want you to be mad at me” statements, I would have rather the truth or awkward conversation about my new found friend. I think it could have saved me from what was going to transpire over the months ahead. I set ablaze an old friendship because of her. I became her first defense when her love life went up in flames; in fact, I set the fire to the already toxic relationship she claimed she had. Her hard life and her sad misfortune with lovers, all of this she chalked up to why she liked to be alone. Alone she was not. Alone—her definition of alone would be a mix up between lovers that got her caught in a (cough) pickle so to speak. Using people along the way to get what or who she wanted without hesitation or even a slight blink of an eye to whom she may hurt or drag into her messed up outlook on what a true friend was. Nothing stopped her. She ran off of desire and pleasure—not trust, loyalty, or love. There were no regrets as she burned down bridges, wrecking balls through walls, and demolished friendships with no remorse for anyone. If this person had a name, I think she would be referred to as Lilith, the female devil of her time. A truly soulless monster that devoured everything good in her path with no compassion or prejudice for real human beings—to be so numb to anyone that she would do anything for herself; it is an outrage. Not just me—see I am not the only one that has stood by her, but a group of other people as well. She has really made a name for herself, the floozy bar fly. No one is interested in her anymore, the narcissist hussy and her bag of tricks can go pound bricks. What a terrible place to be 30-something just learning what it is like to have nobody. When she was given the world and then some—she took it and crumbled it into a billion little tiny pieces! When not even a single person that has had the pleasure of running into her can say she is decent, kind, and lovable—that is true sadness. Beauty can only run so deep, but when your heart is cold and your soul is almost black, nothing can redefine your pretty face.

I have rebuilt my friend circle, apologized to where it was needed. I am not perfect by any means. I saw her short comings and flaws. I thought her “rough past “made her a little flaky and insecure. This was a first for me; she got by my walls and bridges, and I have built over the years with padlocks and chains. My heart and soul was in there for moments like these. After hearing her stories and watching her tears I opened up. I sit here dumb founded still; she saw my compassion to help a friend in need. Every move she made or word she said was based on my reaction to her lies. I often use her as a learning curve now, to watch out for “people in need,” I will never understand someone like her, I was never meant to. I am not built to hurt people like she has. I disrupted her karma that was waiting for her, however, it was not long before it found her. It was a warm fall day when the best friend I thought I needed went away. See you in another life perhaps, but hopefully not. I wish you well and all the peace one can hold, however, hell is where I’m sure you will be found. Good riddance to HER.

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