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"He/She is Out of My League!!"

It Gets Annoying

By Cezanne LibellenPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

"I have a huge crush on him, but he's out of my league."

"Oh, she's so cute, but I don't think I'm good enough for her!!"

"She's so cool!! I don't think I can compete for her..."

"He's waaaay out of my league."

"I'm not enough!"

"I don't think I can get him to like me..."

Guys, just shut up and listen.

Never say this.

It is soooo annoying. No one wants to listen to you complain about how your crush is too cool for you.

It's just a plea for pity and attention, and it grates on my nerves so hard.

Quit complaining!!

Do you think it will be cute if your crush hears about it and is just like, "Omg, I thought the same thing about you!!!"


No, no, no.

If your crush hears you say they're out of your league, they're going to be like, "Omg, that's so gross. I used to like him/her, but that's so obsessive and gross!!"

At least, if they're normal, they will.

And if they have the former reaction, you should definitely run.

Now, it's normal to think that your crush is out of your league. But do you have to say it?

Definitely not. Some things are better left unsaid.

Instead, definitely do not complain about it. Think about it this way;

Would you like them to be at your level? Would you like them to be less cool just so they are easier to get?

If so, you are a narcissist.

I am so sorry to break it to you this way, but it is true.

And if you don't care about being a narcissist, let me put it this way:

Do wishes do anything?


They never can, and never will. Dandelions don't work, stars are literally balls of gas burning literally millions of light years away, and pennies just contaminate wells. I could bust every wish-granting process in this article, but that is not the main topic.

So what have we covered so far?


"Out of my league," is annoying, creepy, obsessive, and narcissistic.

So, what do you do instead?

How are you supposed to express your frustrations if you can't talk about them?

Well, here's the best solution I have.

Instead of whining about your problems, how about you actually solve them?

This would be a good solution to a lot of problems.

Wait, you ask. How do I act on this? How do I solve my problem?

Just wait, this is genius.

All you have to do... is get yourself up to his/her league.

Me dropping the mic.

Boom. Mic Drop.

The first step is switching your mentality;

Don't say "He/she is out of my league." Instead, say, "I'm not quite in his/her league."

It might sting a little, but it will make the next step easier;

Put in a little more effort.

Try to get better grades. (Boys) Try to wear clean clothes. Try to accomplish something that makes you feel better about yourself. Now, don't go out of your way to impress them; that's ridiculous. But if you put in a bit more effort, then you find yourself "in the next league."

Now, remember to stay confident and positive about yourself. You can't change your intelligence or looks. I mean, if you want to do plastic surgery, you can change your looks, but honestly, if you feel pressured to do plastic surgery, don't. The most "scientifically beautiful woman in the world," Bella Hadid, regrets getting a nose job.

So, just don't.


Thank you for reading!! Tell me, are you guilty of these things, and did you benefit from reading this?

If you could please check out my fiction series, From Feet to Fins, I would highly appreciate it!!

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Thank you!!


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I am an ailurophile, xocolatophile, linguaphile, lexophile, and a bibliophile. Writing is my passion. I am currently working on a novel. Subscribe and share my stories if you want to see more of my work!

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  • Gina C.10 months ago

    Whoa, some awesome points in here! I love your direct, frank voice, and how this ended on such an inspirational note. :) Man, this brought me back to my crush days ☺️❤️

  • Oh I totally agree with you that blowing dandelions, wishing on stars, and throwing coins into wells don't work! This article was great!

  • J. S. Wade10 months ago

    That’s right m, be yourself. If you don’t like yourself, Change It! 😎

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