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Kisses and Croissants: A Review

3.5/5 Stars

By Cezanne LibellenPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

This was a cute little romance about a ballerina.

The main character, Mia, is very relatable to me, in that she has a passion and she is willing to do anything to achieve it.

She is talented, headstrong, and persistent, and is driven to make a living off of dancing.

But she's not perfect.

She has flaws and emotions, and sometimes they really get to her.

Well, our story opens when she arrives in Paris with the hope of being able to audition for a dancing company.

But nothing works out perfectly.

First, there's her nemesis... Audrey.

She wants the audition as badly as Mia does. And she is just slightly better than Mia.

Okay, we're going off on a tangent for a moment.

Audrey is kind of a Mary Sue.

She is just perfect. She never lets her emotions get in the way. She snatches up every award. She seems smart. She's pretty. Ugh, apparently nothing is wrong with her.

She really could have used a bit more development.

Then, there's her brutally stringent ballet teacher.

He will not tolerate any weakness, and he has the strength to beat it out of them.

Then, there's Lois.

He's not just a boy. He's the cutest, sweetest, most perfect boy ever...

Yet another Mary Sue.

He really could have used more development.

He's the love interest!! We want a love interest that is flawed and real, and that we can fall in love with alongside the main character.

Well, um, he is flawed, but not in the way we want.

*SPOILER ALERT!!* Skip the bolded text if you want this part to be a surprise!!

He's a player who has a long history of dating ballerinas that his father teaches (oh, I forgot to mention that his dad is the brutally stringent ballet teacher).

But that is not the kind of boy we want Mia to date.

She should have been more wary of his apology. He's a freaking player. And I mean, it turns out alright, but I would not have started dating him again.

C'mon, girl, don't let a boy manipulate you.

One time, a player tried to get me to date him.

He wasn't my first pick, but now he's my last pick.

My guy... Why try to manipulate a girl into dating you when you can just win her heart the normal way?

Guys, if you try to guilt trip a girl into dating you, then you are a dirtbag. I'm sorry to say it. Just don't do it.

I'm back from my little rant.

Where was I? Ummmm...

I think I finished with Lois.

How about an age rating?

Okay, so this should be fitting for ages twelve plus.

There are no spicy love scenes, but there is a makeout scene.

This book has great messages of fighting for what you love. It also teaches that it is okay to feel things and that sometimes your passion isn't all that there is to life.

Which is something I definitely need to work on.

So, overall, I'm going to give this book a 3.5/5.

It was a good read, with lots of French, an enjoyable plot, a relatable main character, good messages, and, of course, kisses and croissants.


Thank you for reading my book review!!

Let me know in the comments if you are interested in reading this book.

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  • Gina C.9 months ago

    This sounds like such a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing, Cezanne :) I also appreciate the spoiler alert! Great job with this!

  • Awww, this story seems to be really nice! Thank you so much for the spoiler alert!

  • Sarah D11 months ago

    Beautiful! sounds like a lovely story ! Would you like to read mine ?

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