He Paid Her to Break Up with Him

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"Is 50k enough for you break up with me?"

He Paid Her to Break Up with Him

“Let’s break up, I’ll pay you 50 grand."

This was what he said to her one day out of the blue, after two months of fighting.

Well, to be frank, she admits that she used to be a materialistic person. Cash was the king, nothing and no one else mattered. Even though she really liked that person, she wouldn’t waste much time on him if he can’t even pay her bills.

But for this guy, she was the one who ended up paying, more than willing even.

In the past three years together, she never really wanted anything from him, but—as cheesy as it sounded—his love. His love, yes she was such an idiot. His love was the only thing she craved and obsessed about, so much so that even when he gave her his credit card to ask her to leave him alone, she couldn’t bring herself to.

People always say girls are materialistic. First of all, screw that sexist shit. But even so, they forget that even for these girls, they are still girls at the end of the day. They can come off as materialistic, but only if they are not really in love with you. If she is, like really seriously into you, she is willing to pay with all she has.

Her turning point came one day when he called last minute saying that he couldn’t make it for their date (yet again), and as per their usual “rule”, he would buy a new pair of shoes for her as a compensation. But on that day, there was a small angry voice inside her. That was when she realized she wanted him more than his money.

They had been together for three years. It was all casual at first. After all, both of them had played around enough to know not to give any shit to this thing called love. Relationships were transactional, both parties pay with what they have in exchange for what they need in each other.

She thought he would be just another number on her bank account, but at this stage, it was too late to yank back her heart, all was lost and she just didn’t know how to let go of him.

Soon after a year together, she found some dirt in his Instagram DM with some lingerie model. After fighting, he gave in to her, deleted and blocked that girl in front of her. Later, she found out that he had created another account to continue contacting her. She was too tired to confront and fight with him over that, that lingerie girl was not the first and she definitely would not be the last.

Whenever they had an argument, he would just be silent. If silence is indeed gold, then for the amount of silence he had given her, she would be sitting on a goldmine by now. But during their last fight, he had blurted out suddenly, “Just cut all your act. I will pay you 50k right now to break up alright!? Is that what you are trying to make me say? Alright, I am saying yes now, can we just stop all this I’ve-hurt-you-so-much crap?!”

His words felt like a slap on her face. He had started their relationship despite knowing that all she could see was his money back then, but now knowing that all she could see was him had ironically made him want to end everything instead.

These Guys. They had called her materialistic when they couldn’t get her. But when she actually decided to love one and let open her heart, it had to be this guy who so desperately wishes she would take his money and leave him.

Judy Mae
Judy Mae
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