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Guardians of the Night

A Soldier's Sacrifice and the Lessons that Echoed in a Quiet Neighborhood

By Ahsan UllahPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Guardians of the Night

Once upon a time in a quiet neighborhood, Hameed, a dedicated soldier, faced the dilemma of leaving his mother, Amina Begum, and his younger sister, Sara, alone at home. The air was thick with worry as Hameed expressed his concerns about the new troublesome neighbors.

"I don't want to go on duty tonight," Hameed said to his mother, voicing his anxiety.

Sara is growing up now. I don't want to leave you and Sara alone," he continued.

Amina Begum, a resilient woman stitching clothes to make ends meet, reassured her son. She spoke of the support from the neighborhood, where she had become the go-to person for clothes stitching. The market stayed lively, and the income helped sustain their household.

"Don't worry about us, son. We are fine. The whole neighborhood is with us. Everyone knows us here," Amina Begum comforted her son.

But Hameed couldn't shake off the worry. "You both are alone at night. I worry about it a lot. Those new guys in the neighborhood, I don't like them. They seem like troublemakers just by their looks," he expressed his concerns.

"Son, leave us in Allah's hands. The rest is up to Allah, and his plans. The country needs you," his mother replied, encouraging him to fulfill his duty.

Amina Begum urged Hameed to go to his duty comfortably, trusting in Allah's protection. As Hameed boarded the train with a heavy heart, he left his family in the care of the Almighty.

Back home, Amina Begum took care of stitching clothes for Sara and Hameed's expenses. The presence of new people in the neighborhood, particularly their troublesome boys, added an extra layer of concern. Sara, however, remained oblivious to the rising tension.

Days passed, and the three mischievous boys—Rashid, Babar, and Noreen—continued to tease and mock Sara as she walked through the neighborhood. Their intentions were anything but noble, and their laughter echoed through the streets.

A year went by, and Hameed continued his service in the army. The neighborhood enjoyed a year of peace, but the mischievous trio disrupted the tranquility. Hameed, during his training, confided in his friend Adil about his constant worry for his family.

"Some new guys have come to the neighborhood. I'm afraid for my mom and sister. I keep thinking about them all the time," Hameed shared his concerns.

Adil offered words of comfort, advising Hameed to have his brother recite Ayat al-Kursi for protection and trust in Allah. Duty was essential, and a soldier's life carried responsibilities.

As tensions rose at the border, Hameed was transferred to the front lines. In the midst of clashes, he became a martyr, leaving his family in grief. Hameed's body was sent home, and the neighborhood mourned the loss of a brave soul.

The three troublemakers were still fixated on Sara's beauty. One night, they decided to enter her house, suspecting her neglecting the grass. To their surprise, there was no evidence of negligence. Babar suggested a plan to climb the wall, leading to multiple failed attempts that night.

Disheartened, they decided to resume their mission the next day. However, Hameed's mysterious return, dressed in white, turned their night into a spectacle. Watering the garden and filling the courtyard with water, Hameed's unusual behavior left the boys in shock.

The neighborhood gathered, and Hameed's mother, recognizing the state of the boys, called for help. The community assisted them and transported them home, leaving the entire neighborhood in disbelief.

The incident served as a harsh lesson, silencing the once-lively trio. Hameed's mother, aware of her son's duty assigned by Allah, smiled, believing in entrusting one's safety to the Almighty.

As life returned to normal, Sara, now lacking her previous self-confidence, resumed going to school. The mischievous boys, once a source of trouble, had learned their lesson. Hameed's sacrifice and the lesson learned that fateful night left an enduring impact on the neighborhood.

In the end, the tale of one night spoke of trust in Allah's protection and the profound impact a soldier's duty could have on an entire community. The echoes of Hameed's devotion continued to resonate through the quiet neighborhood.


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I craft stories that touch hearts, evoking empathy and inspiration. Through relatable characters and heartfelt narratives, I explore the depths of human emotions, fostering connection and introspection.

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