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By SOUNDHAR S PPublished 4 months ago 5 min read


Briefly discuss the relationship between the concepts of God and Science and the ongoing debate surrounding it.

Definition of God:

Discuss various definitions of God from different religious and philosophical perspectives.

Scientific Explanations of the universe:

Discuss the current scientific understanding of the universe, including the Big Bang theory, evolution, and the laws of physics.

Science is discovered by humans ;but remember discoved not made ;the ability to discover (think)is science but where do we gets the thoughts…. ; science and god are not at all interlinked as god is what we know nothing about ,the knowledge of god which is there in our minds is not specific its varises from place to place culture to culture but the concepts of science is constant also because of the science applied practically but the concept of god is spiritual untouchable which means it can't be altered as its there with us from or birth given by our parents or guardians but the point is- its unique to each and every one the way each thinks to it the way they believe in it rather than science which can't change by the perspective or beliefs of any individual.

The impact of god on any individual will always be positive as there is always a hope for a goodwill and surprise but science which is confirmed impacts can be both positive aswell as negetive. the only reasons why we are able to figure it out differences between god and science are by our ability to think which is there becouse of a supreme energy which is changed from one form to another but the main source believed as sun is what science says emerges from the big bang theory but one cant say where that energy comes to start the big bang evolution system. Science has its limits one can say its infinite but can we reach that Infinite the answer will be no; so why to go further this whole science this universe this system is made for us not to understand it but to live in it . God is not the creator of this universe but our thoughts. When it comes to god there comes religion but this religion in some cases like hindu system is somehow linked to science so the rules and regulations mentioned in these religions are not for the benifits for any supreme power its for our conviniance in living not only physically but specially designed for the main purpose to insure us mentally means or thinking abilities but don't ignore this reality that religion was not there while the presence of dinosaurs means it's created by humans for there continuance.

The God of the gaps:

Discuss the concept of the "God of the gaps" - the idea that God is invoked to explain phenomena that are not yet fully understood by science.

Scientific Evidence for the existence of God:

Discuss various arguments and evidence put forth by proponents of Intelligent Design and other theistic perspectives, such as the fine-tuning argument and the argument from design.

It is worth noting that we considered the greatest power to be the one having nuclear power, but that is our ignorance. The greatest power is the Supreme God, Kavir Dev, all other powers of this universe are incomplete. The Supreme Father possesses absolute powers. We have created problems for ourselves by not adopting true devotion and by forgetting our Supreme Father.

Today, powerful countries around the world have nuclear powers that are considered as the greatest, but have they not proved powerless to a small invisible virus? Is the virus bigger than nuclear power? Can nuclear powers cancel our subsequent births? Can they change the account of our virtuous and sin deeds? Can these powers prevent the death of a human being? Definitely not.

Why, then, should humans invest their time and labour in worldly powers? Today, the whole world needs to bow down to the supreme power who can do everything. But we have not yet recognized Him and His key messages. The absolute Supreme Reality is Kabir Saheb. All scriptures prove this very fact. Yes, He is the same God who had descended and played the role of a weaver at Kashi in Uttar Pradesh for 120 years.The ignorant people attempted to tie Him with cannon shells, but the attempts to kill God Kabir were merely foolish.

Criticisms of the arguments for God:

Discuss the criticisms of the arguments for the existence of God, including the counter-argument that natural processes can account for the appearance of design.

Reconciling God and Science:

Discuss various attempts to reconcile the concepts of God and Science, including religious and philosophical perspectives that see them as complementary rather than conflicting.

Scientists are annoyed by these statements because they suggest that science and religion share a certain epistemological status. And, indeed, many humanists and theologians insist that there are multiple ways of knowing, and that religious narratives exist alongside scientific ones, and can even supersede them.

It is true that scientists take certain things on faith. It is also true that religious narratives might speak to human needs that scientific theories can’t hope to satisfy.

And yet, scientific practices—observation and experiment; the development of falsifiable hypotheses; the relentless questioning of established views—have proven uniquely powerful in revealing the surprising, underlying structure of the world we live in, including subatomic particles, the role of germs in the spread of disease, and the neural basis of mental life.


Sum up the key points made in the presentation and conclude with a personal stance on the relationship between God and Science.

There is no comparison of God with science. Science is also given by God for well-being of humanity. God is doing many things even now for the welfare of the human kind. He is creating new technology and this technology will be used for spiritual growth purpose. We think humans have made science but in reality God blessed humanity with science but we used it in the wrong way.

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