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Ghana Played a Prolific Role in the Slave Trade & Ghanaians Are Using African-Americans Like Pawns Especially to Insult Nigeria

Ghana is the most White Supremacy country in Africa and its citizens mindset are like racist white Americans

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 29 days ago Updated 29 days ago 6 min read
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Monday, 20 May 2024

By TB Obwoge

The government of Ghana has failed Ghanaians, with one of the worst ranked educations in the world. The average Ghanaian can barely master the official language, which is English, not proper British English and meanings to words are changed for no reason.

I don't understand why any African country would make English the official language, then fail to properly teach it. Nigerians are much better at speaking their official language.

The lack of development in Ghana is sickening, the filthy, and poor air quality of Accra is the within Africa's top 10 worst. Not to mention the education which is ranked 137 out of 167 countries and it shows daily.

The basic conversation with most Ghanaians is sex and money, the lack of ability for many to even speak in a complete sentence is horrific. Traveling Ghana makes it worse, it is almost like most people in the country are drunk.

Ghana is the fake Pan-African country of Africa. I have written about the adverts in housing and employment where they are discriminating against other Black Africans in the country.

Ghana's poor education system is fueling the mistreatment of its citizens. Also coupled with the fact, that many Ghanaians seem to lie or outright make things up for no reason.

I will never understand this phenomenon at all, if a Ghanaian doesn't know something, they seem to just make shit up!

I am so serious, it may seem as if I'm embelishing, I am not. Foreigners say these things in private, I am posting them in public.

Screenshot from Facebook

Scamming & Fraud from Ghanaians in Ghana -

The UK high commison in Ghana, spoke about the corruption in Ghana, she spoke about how it was normalized in the country because it happens so often. Ghanaians took to commenting that the government was corrupt, they didn't care to listen to her words. Or lacked the comprehenshion needed to understand the weight of her words.

Corruption, scamming and fraud are so common place that it's widely accepted in the country, she meant from everywhere, everyone and every aspect of life in Ghana. She also mentioned that Ghana should be much more developed with all the money that flows into the country.

Black Americans are being accused of ruining Ghana because most of us have started speaking out about being scammed and defrauded. This is why Ghanaians are hating Blacks from America.

Living in Ghana, I asked so many questions, Ghanaians simply made anything up, I had 10 Ghanaians tell me that JJ Rawlings was from a 'fair skin' tribe, that is why is was so much lighter in complexion. JJ Rawlings is mixed race, his father was a white Scottish man, his mother was an Ewe from Ghana's Volta Region, they are indeed not fair or light skin people.

I knew he was biracial, I just simply listened to them talk and never said anything. A Black man from the United States, who's married to a Ghanaian woman, they have 2 children together, he simply lumps all Africans together. He has had a horrific time living in Ghana, so he's said some pretty cruel things about Africans.

I've assured him that living in other African countries is nothing like life in Ghana. He thinks scamming is an African way of life, because of all he's had to deal with in Ghana. I have to admit, I never in my life thought fraud, scamming and overcharging would be so bad. In Ghana it is on steroids, Kenya was not this 'scammy'.

With Stevie Wonder obtianing his Ghanaian citizenship, Ghanaians have been making the most annoying posts again using Nigeria to make their country relivent.

A Ghanaian posted to X formerly known as Twitter about Stevie Wonder's grammys, from there hundreds of posts like this have made it rounds on social media.

From some of the same people that claimed that African-Americans are ruining Ghana. Again White Supremacy rhetoric from Black Afrians.

Also there have been seveal post, asking what benefit to Ghana does this bring? WTF, this is exactly like something a racist white American would ask about Ghanaians and other immigrants int he United States.

Most Ghanaians can't even see their ignorance and don't care, from the ancstors of those who sold Africans into slavery, Ghana is far from being a safe haven for Black Americans.

First there was so much hype in Ghana about African-Americans, (Black Americans) returning home, then Ghanaians started their White Supremacy bullshit. They claimed that only certain Black Americans should be allowed in Ghana, this once again is pretty much what western countries and Trump has said.

The above photo a Ghanaian is claiming how this would build the tourism and music industry in Ghana. So once again Black Americans are being used to build someone else's country.

Slavery & Ghana's Role -

Slavery lay at the core of Ghana's precolo- nial states, whose economy was “almost totally dependent on slave labour” Indigenous slavery predated the Atlantic slave trade, coexisted with it from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, and survived it through the early twentieth century.

Informed by influential studies on slavery in Africa, Perbi suggests that "slavery in Ghana must be examined and appreciated from the Ghanaian perspective" (p. 11). In precolonial Ghana, slaves were a commodity and inheritable; their progeny maintained slave status. Slaves, since they became part of their masters' kinship groups through adoption or marriage, were not permanent outsiders and socially dead persons. Still, they were not regarded as equals: they performed different work and kept their inferior status, even over several generations. Perbi defines a slave as "a person in a state of servitude guarded by right" (p. 4) and distinguishes five forms of slavery: servant, pawn, slave, war captive, and slave under capital punishment.

The monograph draws on a variety of sources. Perbi conducted oral research in Ghana's ten administrative regions, interviewing court historians, male and female elders, and ordinary men and women. Though she subjected this material "to coding and analysis," she does not say much about what this process entailed. She did archival research in colonial and missionary collections in Ghana and the United Kingdom, worked in the palace archives of Kumase and Kyebi, and consulted university libraries in the United States. She made good use of published European and African sources from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the stool histories and oral traditions collected by Ghanaian scholars in the 1960s and 1970s. She explored local orature (proverbs, songs) and archaeological sites.

Source: Muse.Jh.Edu

It is worth mentioning the ensalved humans and Ghana being accused of child labour is very common in modern day. The cocoa industry in Ghana is said to have been using children as young as 5-7 years old.

Ghana continues in the slave trade to this day, allowing their citizens to have such a low daily minimum wage. Ghanaians are some the worst paid humans on earth, this coupled with a horrible education, it keeps them in the life of struggle.

When Ghanaians respond with, "its our culture" they always claim culture or tradtion for bad behavior even when the acts are against the constitution of Ghana. This was evident from the ignored recent child marriage in Ghana, where a 12-year old married a 63-year old man.

First they claimed (the Ga tribe) claimed they couldn't find a virgin and they searched all the way down to girls aged 9-years old. Then a video surfaces explaining why the child was so young, because they couldn't find older virgins.

They later changed her age to 16-years old, which is still a child, then further claimed she was only marrying a diety. Despite saying that the 12-year old would soon have to bare children to make the marriage official. This is Ghana, lying about everything!

Honestly living in Ghana, I really got the sense that the country is cursed.

People saying that there are walking trees and something in the lakes that kill you. One man told me not to go to the University of Ghana to swim in the pool, he claimed it was cursed, almost everything in Ghana seems coursed, it is like the country and the people angered God.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights.

©️TB Obwoge 2024 All Rights Reserved

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