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Generation Tired

by Keanna Smaha 6 months ago in humanity · updated 2 months ago

Generation tired? Yes! I am a part of this trend of tired on going streak of people where risking any of our potential will only plummet our generation and future ones to the ground. We must rise above!

“My generation is going to be known for wanting to die and memes.” - Unknown Source.

That statement spits truths that are targeting our paths in which we follow in someone else’s lead or by the one that we walk down alone. It’s an insane matter that “generation tired” is the most common example of what any people of 2021 are going through. Tired. Completely tired. Maybe even worse than tired too. And I’m not just talking about being tired and wanting to sleep the exhaustion away I am speaking of being tired of the global issues that are interfering with our abilities to examine our own issues and are not doing anything to help with our outlook on our own personal lives. I guess it makes sense now. That the interferences and massive distractions that are being made to complicate our lives in even more damage than our current hard ways of sitting and barely existing in yet working together and working towards building general peace is not what’s the happening. Although it really should.

I believe the world is in a suicidal nation atmosphere. It’s a hardship to know that you come across people not knowing their story, their stability or their intentions for the world. That there are people out here either advocating for something better or are being the ones destroying this place. It’s truly an awful thing to witness and be there to know of the terror in which is the in current time destruction of humanity. I mean we don’t need to sink this way. We don’t need to carry on bad habits or anything like that at all. Yet for some awful awful awful reason there is so many to any of us that don’t appreciate the world because we are constantly being punished yet not taught the lesson but punished in the means that we aren’t doing anything for the better sake of any of our lives. Which is truly worriesome because the planet still turns and the moon still shines during the night. So I am often left confused to the matters drawing me close to a point of complete unsafe things since many just do not care.

Why is my voice not loud enough? Why couldn’t I reach the world and let them know that one day we could pull through? Was it because of my selection of the main targeted audience that won’t ever hear what I have to say because they are just too stuck in their evil ways to hear me out? Is there anything I can actually do to help improve my own quality of life without it hurting or making somebody else jealous? Must I really continue on in a miserable stance to only repeat my flaws in ways that practice a scenario I don’t wish to be a part of? Is there something out there for a girl like me? Or is it all just a hoax that is playing with my superior ability at being my best self? I’m troubled by this and I just want and wish for someone to connect with me over these things. I’m lost. So very lost.

Praying on a wish or am I wishing on a prayer? Not very much living going on over here. Hence the matters of praying and making wishes. In a beneficial way too. Lack of selfishness and a whole lot of selflessness. Amped up to create a spare space in which will be the home of our peoples lives that are living uncomfortably. Whether that it be that they are uncomfortable by being sad from normal but unacceptable at the same time situations or are mentally unwell, financially not so well off, or pressured & overwhelmed with dramatic life issues of stereotypical happenings that never get fixed because the juridical system typically does not care for the reasons behind crimes but do progress the limits of what can go down or “happen” in a more simpler way of saying it.

Because now “Generation Tired” needs a newer and way more safer approach to get at it and make it right and at least not just risk the fact of pain but it is the only aspect of imagining what would life be like without the chords of our faults planting in the middle of our system. This system is somewhat unsafe, unstable and rationally under recognized but I will say that the attention and attempts of those that truly care for the planet are rather great in size of having love for the world. Having love for the world only turns me back into a positive outlook that I wish I didn’t dilly dally with at all since love is so precious and I want it to escape and escalate especially to those who never believed in me. To the ones who thought maybe I’d give in by now and that I would not commit to anything serious or even try for another time to answer the questions life has been building up for me to pronounce once I am more well and am able to still be here to say that I am alive, kind of well and am excited to witness the clear as day side of existing past a certain luring point.

This luring point is considered as being bad enough for our health but many knowingly run up that way to escape fear or really to escape anything and whatever it is in their personal set that had got them so broken down they had planned and lured towards an escape so dainty yet terrifying because of the cause of chaos in their privacy. This lead to their minds willingly taking a break to allow some silence in and to understand what happens when we hear back something negative shall always be rejected because for me there is no, literally zero percent room for negativity in my life.

All others should have that same mentality. The not tolerating any kind of negativity. Even sending out toxic situations that only intended to cause some sort of harm and I mean I know about individuality and how it all works and the amount of human beings that live outside of my knowledge and that there is literally tons and tons of tons and all so much even more of people that I can’t save alone by my own. I wish I could fulfill that job with grace so that the non believers can understand that they aren’t bad people to have hate in their hearts over the matters of the “crimes against humanity” and the “crimes from humanity”.

I can’t express any more of my frustration because I believe I reached an adequate understanding of where I should be taking care of my life and why it’s so important to press the facts and deliberately venture off into a land of what you need the most. What I need the most of right now is some better mental stability and maybe a way to express more of my pain to the world or maybe not the entire world but to the ones that care, won’t judge, and might even relax me from hating myself over my mistakes. I know those kinds of people exist and they will forever be appreciated by me for that is one of the most genuine ways of being there for another.


Keanna Smaha

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