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By #KristinaWritesPublished about a year ago 3 min read

With so many companies now offering remote working it is becoming increasingly harder to remain focused. Of course, we are still getting the job done, but are we really being as efficient as we could be? Think of it this way; are we getting as much work done remotely as we would if we were not. There are distractions everywhere, from the weather, kids, pets, phone calls, or even errands for the house and not for the job. Sure, we might be completing the tasks our employers are mandating, but could we be more efficient about it? Sure, we can!

I suppose if we are going to try and improve our focus then we should really understand what it means to focus. Basically, to focus means you are mandating yourself to concentrate on one task at a time. A multi-tasker is often a champion at focusing because they can concentrate on multiple tasks and still not get sidetracked. (I want to be that grown up one day!)

There are quite a few things that can keep us from being able to focus and concentrate while remote working. One main point is sleep, or lack thereof. Lack of sleep can throw a wrench in the detail and focus. Also, lack of exercise. Many people do not exercise as much once they are working remotely because they are in their homes, their safe spaces. This is not a good idea. You need to keep your body moving to keep your mind sharp.

When you are working remotely, the main point you want to improve is your focus. There are many things you can do to improve your focus while working remotely. This may change per household and be dependent on the number of distractions there are in the home. Distractions are going to include members in the home, animals in the home, even delivery drivers knocking on the door. Distractions can literally be anything and everything that occurs under the roof of the ‘remote office’. I have included a few points below:

• Watch your emotions carefully. Your change in emotions can drastically affect how you focus throughout the day. If you are getting anxious, fidgety, or excessively feisty; you may want to take a step back for a moment.

• Ensure your mental fitness is up to par along with your physical fitness. Make certain to determine your most productive times versus your least productive. You can work with these, just ensure that you are not overwhelming yourself.

• Remove distractions to ensure that your focus remains where it should. Technology is one of the main distractions when losing focus comes into play. When you are concentrating and attempting to remain focused on your tasks at hand, ensure that your electronics are put away if you do not need them.

• Mental clarity includes meditating and just slowing ourselves down from time to time. This is not to say, we stop being productive or take time off. This is to say that there is a reason why people meditate. It brings your entire being into centered ground and allows you to continue, while being refreshed.

Through the entire writing of this article, I have already been pulled away from my computer at least a dozen times and lost focus at least two dozen! However, I persevered and finished. Some people may get hung up on the fact that it took so long to finish a basic 600+ word article. I, on the other hand, am just happy I was able to share with you some very important information that really will work if you put it to the test.

Until Next Time, #KristinaWrites

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  • Nikkiabout a year ago

    Your article on staying focused and the dangers of distractions was insightful. Habits that keep us on track are crucial. Your article reminded me to focus every day.

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