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First Kiss

Thoughts of a first kiss

By E. E. LewisPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
First Kiss
Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

There’s nothing quite like a first kiss. And no, I’m not talking about the one at the skating rink when you’re in the 8th grade or the one playing spin the bottle at your first boy-girl party. I’m talking about a first kiss with somebody new. The first kiss with somebody you’re really into and go to sleep thinking about. That first kiss with a person who has you smiling at your phone. That first kiss with that person you’re probably thinking about right now.

The day starts just as any other weekend day would start; you wake up and realize that you don’t have to go to work so the mood is already elevated. Then, you remember that you’re hanging out with her for the first time just you two. You’ve spent time together before since you have some mutual friends, but you know today could be different. You think about how you nervously asked for her number the last time you saw her and how you teeter between, “am I texting her too much or am I not texting her enough?” All you can think now is, “I hope she doesn’t cancel on me.” So you send the text to check if your plans are still on. The phone vibrates. You’re almost scared to look at it. You open the message and exhale a little. It reads: “Of course! Make sure we get a good spot at the pool today! :)”

You get to the pool early to secure a good spot because you know how important it is to have a good pool spot in the South Carolina heat. Music is playing on your speaker and it’s a perfect 86 degrees outside. Her car pulls up and you greet her at the gate. She’s got shades on and a floppy hat for the sun. You give her a quick hug and walk towards the chairs. You look down to grab a drink and when you look back up, you see she is taking her cover-up off. She is absolutely stunning. White with black polka dots bikini top and matching bottom that makes her already tan skin look even more beautiful. Thankfully you have on shades too because you catch yourself staring at her. You don’t think she catches you, but she probably notices your mouth agape. After you snap back to reality, you start talking about work, sports, family, and anything else under the steamy South Carolina sun.

You spend the entire day together, laughing and flirting and exchanging playful banter. Just enough physical contact so that she knows you’re interested, but not too much to where it’s creepy. You know how bad you want to kiss her but you’re trying to think of a good opportunity and you can only hope that she’s thinking the same thing. Day turns into night and y’all are sitting on the couch. The TV is on and the conversation is good, but your thoughts are louder. “I need to make a move”, “should I go for the arm over the shoulder? No. That’s so corny”, “should I have made a move earlier?”, “wow she’s so pretty.”

She gets up to get a drink. When she comes back, she sits a little closer to you so that your knees are barely touching one another’s. You make a joke and she laughs and holds eye contact a little longer than she has previously. Your heart rate speeds up. She’s got such a beautiful smile and you can’t help but look at her lips. The tension is palpable.

She looks up at you and you bite your bottom lip out of nervousness, not seduction. She leans in. You lean in. Your heart is beating a million miles per hour. One hand is intertwined with yours and the other is on your thigh. You take your other hand and run it through her hair and pull her head closer to you. The moment your lips touch, it’s ecstasy. You feel warm inside while simultaneously getting a chill down your body. You feel each other’s tongues and before things go further, you can feel her smiling as she bites your bottom lip and pulls away. “Maybe next time I won’t have to wait all day for you to do that,” she jokes as she pokes you in the ribs.

She lays on your chest, you put your arm around her, and all of a sudden you can hear the TV again.


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