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Experiments are good

by Rayna Quinns 2 years ago in lgbtq
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Harley Quinn is the give that keeps on giving

This year hasn't suck as bad, my favorite movie of the year is Birds Of Prey, and it confirms more than anything that Harley Quinn is my Spirit Animal. It's inspiring me to go out more in Woman's apparel, whether Skirt, dresses, or Boots. I've been so wrapped up in caring about what other people thought, and the movie showed me someone who walked away from a bad situation to make it on her own. So stemming from that, Experiment On Me from Halsey as been my song for 2020. I say that because the Woman that's trapped inside by 300-pound body has been screaming somewhere along those lines and while I've gotten some cute outfits, I did go out in my beautiful Skirt. So I've been experimenting with walking in public with Woman's clothes on and not giving two fucks, it's an experiment that I want to pass.

My looks are like a Car Crash as the song said, I'm still experimenting on me, and it's a hot mess. When my face is all shave, and my Go-Go Boots are there for everyone to see. I get compliments and make people pull down there pants then stick it out. I experimented with being on my knees with my mouth open and never again, but at least it helps to answer the question if I was bi. So that female voice is making my soul beautiful as my true identity of the Woman that always exists behind my eyes blossom out more.

I feel like a badass in my Go-Go Boots when I hear the beat of that song, and when I turned off my car, I walk out as if it was my runaway. I'm waiting for another woman to compliment and give me several digits to see if there's a time or place for her to experiment on Me to find out if a Trans Woman is her soul mate.

I've been on Sites make videos with my Go-Gos, and people have loved it. I have worn my skirts and gone out to fetish clubs with compliments. This experiment is pushing my masculine identity to the background, and it gives my female side the strength to beat the shit out of it.

Sorry Mom, but the song speaks to me.

My endgame is to lock up the identity you come to know as your Son and make way for the real me; basically, I will be your Daughter.

The song has been the theme of 2020, behind closed doors and masks on my face. As I remember that life is way too short, experiments are right, and fighting myself to discard lousy life choices like being a man is what I need to do to give myself light in a very unsure situation.

The movie gave me a great song from an artist I actually been listening to more, and because of that, I've heard Halsey song Nightmare, which I love. I also saw a live performance with her singing my song and all going the audience a bunch of pussies for not getting into it, NICE!

In closing, while the song will go down as something that inspires me to beat the shit out of an identity that's been holding me back. I want the rest of this shit to be about putting it all together and making myself, my true self. My name is Rayna Harleen Quinn, and I'm a sexy Bitch who you ladies who want to experiment with to see if you could ever love a transfer who loves go-go. We will also need to find a Sperm Bank because I've heard that estrogen knocks down Sperm count.


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Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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