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Alexis Quinn

The Loki of the Modern World

By Rayna QuinnsPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Selina Quinn picked up her phone and recognize the name on her Caller I.D greetings didn't need to be exchanged, but a smile surfaced on her face.

"Good Morning Principal Goodman." She said, and he answers, "Good morning Ms. Quinn. It's about your Daughter."

"And..." she said, and he began the conversation but first notice how relaxed Alexis was as she adjusted her long Pink Boots.

"We had a morning pep rally with the Cheerleaders, and I realize that the whole mess with Alexis being wrongly accused of bringing weed in the school has left a bad taste in...." The Principal was about to finish, and Selina interrupted by merely saying, "And.."

"Despite all of her actions, she's smart enough not to do that, and we've moved on from the conclusion that Lola King, the head cheerleader who took her place, didn't frame her." Selina listened to the Principal and respond in an annoyed tone, "And..."

"As the cheerleaders came, we notice that Ms. king was not present," Principal told Alexis's Mother.

"Was my Daughter at the Pep Rally?" Selina asked, and the Principal confirmed that she was.

"And we need to have another conversation about her outfits...." The Principal said, and Selina interrupted him by saying, "You have my Lawyer's phone number for that conversation, right? " There was a silence over the phone for a moment or two.

"We looked for Lola and found her in the Locker room. She was beaten up pretty bad and unconscious, our video Camera was disabled. Alexis wasn't at homeroom, and I have your Daughter for suspicion of the assault." The Principal said, and he could hear her Mother laughing on the other side of the phone.

"You really want to lose your job today? Just like how you found out that the Weed, which was planted in her locker, wasn't hers. My Loki wouldn't be stupid to go after someone when she would be the prime suspect. Are you mental?" Selena asked, and the Principal knew that this was a hunch gone terribly wrong.

"Hi, Mom!" Alexis screamed from the other side.

"We were like for you to come for your Daughter but please don't bring you, Lawyer, we want to get to the truth." The Principal said, and Alexis had a big smile on her face.

Someone knocked on the Principal's door, and it was the Secretary.

"Principal Goodman, you might want to see this....." The Secretary showed a video on her phone, and Alexis got a notification of a new video By Stacey Lee.

In the video, Stacy placed the camera Phone in an angle in the locker room and hid in one of the lockers, when Lola was on the phone, the teenage opened it then proceeded to beat Lola up really badly. She took her wallet, and then minutes later, she was outside then pulled out a remote control.

"What I'm doing now is disabling the Drone so it can't detect a Pipe Bomb, which I'm going to use for that Bitches car." She records her attaching the bomb, and 10 minutes later, she drove off with a smile then told everyone, "When the Drone comes online, the car will explode.."

There was an explosion in the parking lot, and Alexis didn't know to either laugh or be terrified as it happened. She did send the link to her Mother.

Principal Goodman was in shock, and Alexis just sat there calmly then got a text.

"That's my Mom, and she's coming. Do you still want me to wait here for my Mother, who can be really scary when she's mad?" Alexis asked, and then Principal Goodman felt pain in his chest.

One hour later, the ambulance had taken the Principal away; it was the second trip of the day after Lola, the Police were there for Crowd control, and the Fireman had the explosion of Lola's car taken care of. The school was canceled, and Selina drove Alexis away, her Mother looked at her Daughter.

"You only just send those texts from the burner phone, right? The ones where you showed Stacy that Lola cheated on her and where she was going to be tomorrow," Selina asked, and Alexis shook her head yes.

"You know you could tell me if y0u..." Selina said, and Alexis interrupted, "Mom. This is nothing like the time where I planted those Big Girl pornos in the Baseball Coach's office and pinned pictures of those women in those magazines all over his wall because he wouldn't let me play."

"I still don't know how you escape that," Selina whispered to herself and was secretly impressed, putting that mischief over half her crimes as a Jewel thief. "I was going to tell the Principal that Lola was his Daughter, but I guess I'll wait if he survives his Heart Attack," Alexis told her, and Selena slowly turned to look at her Daughter.


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Rayna Quinns

I like writing stories and believe that sins as well as tragedies can make you a think

I write about shows and movies from a unprofessional of view.

I could write smut but it's too easy

I am Me

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