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Evolution Our Link To The Past

by David Duran 4 days ago in humanity

Life finds a way...

Why so serious?
The evolution of being.

Some men reject evolution. Yet it’s part of Sol’s creation. Mind structures random equation. Life is intelligent design. Letter codding thus becomes rhyme. Every thought does ripple through time! All life “forms” are a mental “case.” Words & thoughts the mind can replace. Phenotype & speech define race. Life’s nature is to replicate. Adversity does animate. It’s a truth you’re free to debate. Life’s process refines the gene code. Stimulus affects the life mode. Through genetics, memories are stowed. Evolution is a life process. It’s the way that Earth does express. Prime gene cultures aim to impress!

Some say evolutions random. Well Sol & it live in tandem, Sol’s living rainbow light spectrum. The nature of life seems dynamic. The light of life is arcanic. We should learn to be harmonic. Life grows through trial & error, for some life’s perfections terror. Life results in natural splendor. Earth’s life forms at first were simple, biotic energy ample. Through all space we’re but a ripple. Matter is what gives life its form. Yet life’s formless light is a norm. Sol’s mind’s an electrical storm. The spirit of life is a wave. In infinite light there’s no grave. Through love’s power this world we’ll save.

Diet effects development. Water is a main element. Some life’s prime in its remnant. Life has grown through harsh extinction. Nature forms a new collection. All life has a web connection. In Sol’s eyes Earth’s life is special. It’s man’s original vessel, home world of Sol’s quantum castle. The magic of life lets not fight! Earth’s a place of darkness & light. Sol’s love can correct through pure sight. Some common sense ends the debate. Let’s forget contention & hate. Through light’s love we will become great! Accept love’s life transformation. It’s Earth’s cosmic evolution. Love is the path of salvation!

You go girl!

Most men keep their sights straight ahead. They like to say the past is dead. Their fragile dreams hang by a thread. Men feel life revolves around them. We like structure, life seems random. Earth’s where we root & where we stem. Struggle for men makes us stronger. Our minds are fixed on the future. We crave a life of adventure. Women can be weakness & strength. Their nature is steadfast at length. They encourage a steady growth. On the strength of men they may feed. With their own works, say they’ve no need. The lives of men they like to bleed.

Girls enjoy the stories of men. Men’s souls they capture with a pen. They’re at home in the lion’s den. Sometimes sexes are set at odds. Us men uphold our fitness God’s. Women admire well built bods. Often they seek to form a link. They try to affect how we think, their thoughts may change within a blink. Their strength is to manipulate. Some dig up dirt & stipulate. Drama of life they animate. Some like to play as though clueless. With scandal they try to impress. Men often feel it’s a regress. Women cling with strong memories. Some imagine new enemies. They like to toy with destines.

Some demand features of beauty, & yet rebel against duty. Their love’s both salty, & fruity! Some don’t like to take things too fast. These like to save the best for last. Our short circuits link to the past. Women can seem quite peculiar. When I’m lost they seem familiar. When they’re loving its elixir. Their moody ways are tedious. Dissecting men their studious, their chaos is meticulous. Sometimes progress means we backtrack. Some hate excess; most hate their lack, its men’s duty to cut them slack.

David Duran
David Duran
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David Duran

Every life form has a program. Soul life is just a spirit exam. These words are true because I am.

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