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Eliminate the troubles of interpersonal communication

by Alexander Miller 2 months ago in advice
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In real life, each of us may encounter this or that trouble in our interactions with others.

Eliminate the troubles of interpersonal communication
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In real life, each of us may encounter this or that trouble in our interactions with others. However, everyone suffers for different reasons. Correctly finding out where your troubles come from will help you to prescribe the right medicine and solve your own problems.

In the process of a person interacting with others, the level of ability is different, but this does not mean that people with high overall communication ability have no defects in every detail; it does not mean that people with low overall communication ability have no defects in all aspects. All lackluster. From a social point of view, the troubles in intercourse with people can be subdivided into troubles in speech, troubles in making friends, troubles in dealing with people, and troubles in communicating with the opposite sex. It should be admitted that these four aspects are independent of each other. Although some people are not good at words, they have many friends; Humorous, dull, and shy when interacting with friends of the opposite sex; some people have a lot of friends, but they are average in dealing with people. Therefore, if you want to fully overcome the troubles in getting along with others, you need to train and cultivate in a targeted manner on the premise of knowing yourself.

language development

First of all, you must pay attention to expressing your true feelings no matter what issue you discuss. Only when you open up and express yourself authentically will others be interested in your conversation. Second, learn to listen. Since it is a conversation, of course, the other party should have something to say, don't just talk about yourself. In addition, continue to enrich your knowledge; only in this way can you broaden your mind and make the conversation interesting.

The cultivation of friendship

First of all, treat others sincerely and cultivate good personality qualities of interpersonal attraction. The process of making friends is actually a process of mutual acceptance. You choose others with strict standards, and others are also choosing you. With a good personality and quality, you will be known by others, and it is easy to build up. Secondly, we must be good at understanding the real needs of others, stand on the standpoint of others, be more considerate of others, and only ask for without giving, and it is difficult to maintain a relationship. Finally, it is necessary to properly grasp interpersonal communication. In short, it is necessary to learn to choose, not to be humble.

Not overbearing.

Cultivation in dealing with people

Learn to start from small things in daily life, attach importance to personality exercises, and pay special attention to the feedback information given by the environment. In general communication, the correct way of dealing with people and objects can receive positive feedback, while the bad way of dealing with people and objects can get some hints through the small actions of others even if they are not clearly corrected. Learning to recognize these correctly helps in timely self-regulation. On the other hand, correct and communicative actions are the product of socialization, and it is necessary to actively participate in social activities in order to master and apply them in practice.

The cultivation of intercourse with the opposite sex

In terms of interacting with the opposite sex, people's troubles are caused by congenital factors and acquired factors. To solve these problems, on the one hand, we must gradually expand our circle of communication in practice, and on the other hand, we must correctly distinguish between friendship and relationship in thought.

In a word, correctly distinguishing the troubles when interacting with others, and adopting the policy of solving specific problems, will help improve one's social communication skills and make oneself a real "social person."


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