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Desert Rose

Pass Life Helper

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How it amplified with the desert rose involved with my meditation

My first experience of getting crystals was phenomenal in my eyes and other people’s eyes. I didn’t know why nor didn’t understand where it was coming from ,but I felt like I was drawn to it when I finally got the money to buy it. My first one was selenite . I felt that it was needed for my house because a lot of things were all over the place and needed more clearer peace into my house. I did however keep seeing this one crystal which was called desert rose. I kept trying to avoid it ,but this month I couldn’t and bought it. The first thing when I touched it ( while taking deep breaths ) it was as if I was recalling old past lives. There was one particular thing that I couldn’t shake off when I was in Scientology. It was one where I kept seeing that I was in a relationship with one racist man who couldn’t get over the fact that I wanted to be with a black man.

At first, I got scared and left it alone, then proceeded to try again when I was going into meditation of past lives. It was the one off of YouTube that made it possible for me to see it clearer. I don’t want to go further into details ,but I thought this gem, well stone, was freaking dangerous. Quite dangerous where a baby shouldn’t be ready for this if they aren’t mentally prepared . To be honest, I’m hard headed and don’t care and did it anyway. I’ve learned my lesson that it would take a lot out of you when using it while meditating.

However, this stone is not for that only reason. ( Trust me … I had to go and look it up online… go to Mystic Valley to see their description on what it’s actually for etc.) I really wanted to know why and what was the purpose of this stone. So what I’ve learned is that it’s another selenite crystal. It’s good for :


For grounding purposes ( especially when meditating )

Helps clears one’s aura and environment

To help achieve dreams and make it a reality

Helps reach to your higher self

Enhances your dreams and past life recalls

Can help aid sex drive

It does alot of things that it said that it’s for ,but what most came out from me was the past life recalls. Every time I touch it .. I can easily recall what was a big issue with my past life. It surely explained what and where I can explain within my shadow work to notice all patterns and clear them out where it won’t keep repeating the same notion of me doing the same thing as I did before. In example, it surely showed the same similarities on when I was dealing with with my past lives and now I realise that I can deal with it now. I do have moments where I don’t want to ,but it’s worth it.

What I recommend of doing is looking upon Youtube and type in past life regressions and use that rose stone asap. Just make sure you ask for protection while doing it as well so you don’t run into trouble and then do it. At first it would be fuzzy and won’t understand what is going on ,but I recommend writing it and soon it will be understood when you do it alot to get through it. I don’t know if that made sense ,but it will help you on the long run on what you were questioning about why you are having trouble in your life especially your love life. Just saying.


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