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Of Reaching 4 The Stars

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

I honestly felt I didn't fit in anywhere because people would tell me that I am delusional for reaching for the stars.What I mean for reaching for the stars was where I can get and dream ( well now people call it manifesting) what I want and get what I want. It was honestly the most irritating feeling and the most ungodly where you had people out here showing their power where they can dismantle your dreams. It was during highschool and I met this rapper who is now well known and famous . He was getting all his money and it was where I was singing to him and he broke down to me that I would never get a record deal and that I sucked. I honestly felt like shit when I stopped singing and got scared of singing where I knew, in life, it would benefit my household, it would get me to the top and recognize in my family of being an amazing singer and much more. I realize that now that I have the power now to be the best and to be just fine and just do it ( even though I have days where I feel like it won't because I'm forever in my head ,but know as well that I can make it ) I also realize that I didn't fit in because I also knew that no matter what I touched and thought it would turn into gold as well. I used to tell people this all the time even my ex's and still would get delusional,but wasn't able to prove that in their faces . I think now as I grew up it wasn't the point of doing that anymore. I felt like it wasn't the time to do that ever and to just not fit in because fitting in would be where you sound the same to people and people would not see the coolest part of yourself , your heart , mind , your kindness and most importantly your soul.

As of now and before of that now , I had realize that to had it release those things because it wasn't the Mt greatest good to be saying that and also having that within my spirit either because it kept stagnating my chance to flourish and to be free.

But off subject , it did get worse in life where I was in my feelings and was within my spirit to be if what was ugly and it got funnier where the same people who said that to me were telling to stop hating.

Does that make sense to you?? I don't believe it does ,but it serves it's purpose that people are out here trying to stop people at their tracks because they feel like they will loose their shine or their timing knowing that( or if they paid attention to things ) that there isn't such a thing about that. You don't have time because your goal, dream and manifestation is of the infinite . It took me a while cause I used to say the same things to people about this everyday in school ,college etc and they wouldn't believe me and when I stopped talking to them they were successful? Strange huh?

I just honestly feel like the way I felt like I shouldn't fit in was definitely a red flag and also an insult to myself and within the universe . For instance, a man used to tell me that only Asians would be recognized for illustration and also science. It was a terrible life I had where it showing me that people were in constant battle for my existence to explain to other people who felt the same way that they will never make it or wouldn't be able to cure whatever is going on before and now as we speak ( well as you read). I feel sorry for believing people like this all my life because once again it proves that this and the idea of fitting in would be a disgrace of living for you.

So I conclusion, don't fit in.. it's an illusion of the obvious . You can't and will not change people's mind about you and they are the ones that have to stay with that attitude ,not you. Do whatever you want . For as I said again you have a certain time because it's of the infinite.


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