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Vs " Their Product" Vs Their " Fans"

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
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Vs Their "Product " and " Their Fans"

To be honest, I didn't know where nor how to explain this ,but knowing people who are famous sometimes is hard . It's where you meet people online and have to live with the fact that there are people out here who assume that you shouldn't be allowed to speak with them and also have no rights ,but that's how human interaction not human nature is. When you meet someone or somebody you like to know where their head no matter.what gender, sex ,. creed nor status. I mean that's what how human nature is right? No. Not for all ...better yet never for their mangers or CEOs that control their life.

Let me explain the most cringed moments I had . It was when I met ( online twice maybe three ) of my favorite group. It was a famous one in r&b and they used to have songs produced by a famous producer who is now in jail because he couldn't keep his fingers and hands off if young females. How did I find them? By casually talking to people .I was getting to know people and getting pen pals from right to left. The funny part is my mom thought it wasn't real because of weird people online ( mind you she was online dating ) . Anyway, I just woke up.and chose the I don't give a heck button and pressed it and pressed on. I got online on black planet and started talking to people about this 1st band. Let's call them p3k. Like they were everywhere. They were older than me ,but was in highschool and touring like no other and when I tell you how I got to talk to them you would no believe it. It was from a girl I met online. Going back at that time people were hanging out with them and chilling with them in NY. My two favorite things chilling and New York .

We were chopping it up and talking to each other about our daily lives ,but when it came to them oh we were like best friends for life with them. At first , she had to act like she never met them and then suddenly a week at the time that they were at New York she spoke about it and I was like in shocked. Boy I was jealous ,but I said that's dumb and I shouldn't live like that. Well it took one day of me wishing I met them and she said she was going to ask.

About five days after that she had some news for me ,but I had to promise to not talk to anyone about it. I said fine and then I met Q. Now Q was my bias and he was the truth. We liked the same things and I love how he smiles and his whole attitude and at first I was scared and didn't believe her at all. Now it took me three times to be convinced that it was him and I said okay trust my gut and so I ask God if it's true and boom He was like ,God I mean, to show me and it was true.

So we talked about anything and everything and he was beyond encouraging like he made sure I was staying in school and getting me out of my depression and making sure I'm happy. I never talked about his work cause out of the obvious he hears it all day. Sometimes you want to talk about other things. Now it was all fun and games until his ceo/ manager stepped in and was changing their emails after one incident . It was about a girl that went too far and he trusted no one or I think she got too close. He never explained why. ( I mean the manager)

What made it cringey was that everytime we try to be close like best friends the manager would just press the "issue" and do everything in his power to stop us from talking. It was nerve wrecking and he really thought I didn't want to speak to him again ,but I did ..I felt like no body in their soul searching mind should have a right to tell me that I'm only money to them and also what I should be doing. I mean Q (and the girl )that gave me his connection and I just said I hope that we are as close as possible..

After the fourth attempt I lost his contact and hers she was into kpop after that and I was but then I lost all my email because we had aol and it was once you have an inactive account and don't pay it on time you lose everything. So I couldn't recall their info. At . All. I pray that I find it again tho.

Also til this day, I still remember it . I did have one time Q found me again and I lost my twitter page when he followed me and now I wonder if he still remembers me still. But all I have to say is everything is possible . The managers don't run shit and if y'all friends and turn into something else ,then oh well. They gonna have to get use to it..but happy searching.


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