Dear, the Person I Fell In Love With

He always makes me smile; I will never forget how I met you and how you slowly stole my heart away.

Dear, the Person I Fell In Love With

We met in 6th grade and at the time my self-esteem was at its lowest point. He gave me the impression of being a jerk but the more I got to know him, the more I saw him as a friend.

At some point, I saw him as stuck up and I even thought he was gay because of the way he acted but the more I grew to know him, the more I thought of him differently.

Back then a lot of my friends thought I had crush on him but I honestly didn't back then, but maybe I did and did not recognize my feelings.

We were close but not that close because I got closer to other people freshman year and almost forgot about him. Back then I thought it was the best result because I grew to hate him because of an incident.

That incident made me cry that day and it was so weird crying that apologies kept seeping into my mind. But I've always been taught to forgive and I'm glad I was taught this.

So, back then I wanted nothing to do with him at all and then it changed because food somehow repaired our friendship.

We went back to becoming best friends for 7 years.

All that time, from freshman year, I realized I had a crush on him but when he left I thought those feelings faded, but when you came back my sophomore year and I saw you again...

All the feelings I thought disappeared came back.

Crazily enough you liked me for three years and I never knew, but you never told me because you went back to Georgia and it hurt knowing that day you went back.

I liked you since that day but I never said it because I was afraid for your response and you were long gone in Georgia I thought.

So, I kept everything inside.

But you changed everything the day we started talking like best friends again and I realized my feelings were still there but I never knew yours.

Even when the present you offered me was a kiss, I never believed you would during my senior of school.

March 31, 2017, the first day you kissed me at my party. It's definitely a cliche but you gave me fireworks.

You made me feel like I was floating, I felt everything at that moment and you make me laugh and feel complete like no one else.

I fell in love with you, all your flaws and everything about you. You brighten up my world and you make me smile just by the thought of your name.

You make me feel so much joy that I don't ever want to lose you because your eyes always draw me in, when I should be typing.

All of our late night talks, over text, calls, and FaceTime mean more to me than any materials you could ever buy me. The times we sing songs together that we know and the videos we watch together are the things I love.

I love your past even if it isn't the best. You're my world, stars and moon and damn even the sun. You got me to learn to love myself again and I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend or best friend than the one who's always there for me and that I love.

I'm in love with you more than you could understand with your singing and dancing even with your childish moments. All your facial gestures even draw me in.

But at the end of the day even when you question why I'm with you, or why I love you or if you don't mean anything to me or when you make me mad...I still love you and you mean everything to me.

I'm with you for your personality and actions, not your body.

So, dear the boy I fell in love with I don't think I could have fallen in love with someone better than you. I've loved before but not like this.

Even when you bring up our future I want the same thing as you do... all of it with you crazy enough.

So, dear the boy I fell in love with every time I look at you my heart feels so unexplainable. I think of every reason why I love you when I stare into your brown eyes.

You make me believe in soul mates but most all you make me believe in fate.

You make me believe in fate, that we're meant to be even though I'm afraid that the distance between us will break us up.

I believe in fate, true love and soul mates because being with you makes me believe we're meant to be together.

I'm always gonna try with you because never in my life have I been as certain I belong with someone as you because I've always doubted people who've told me they loved me.

Yet, for the first time in a long time I believe you when you say you're in love with me too.

Even with all these words it's still not enough to say why I fell so in love with you...

Even though it's only been five months of us together, every time I look into eyes I feel like I fall in love with you all over again.

100 times over.

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