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Could these durable, high quality necklaces really make you look more classy and more attractive to men?

The answer is yes, and if you want to stop being judged for having a boring fashion sense and start out-dressing everyone else, this article-guide is exactly what you need!

By CyrusPublished 2 months ago 7 min read
Featured: CDE Forever Love Heart Necklace

Dear friend, are you constantly getting criticised for having a boring fashion sense, or have you felt that your own outfits are a little too…monotonous? Have you also ever got the feeling that you are always getting out-dressed by other women, and perhaps…not catching the eye of the man that you are interested in?

Have you also, perhaps tried wearing cheap necklaces before to compliment your outfit, but they always ended up losing their shine and getting spoiled, or worse still, caused skin irritation? (And then you have to go through the hassle of buying a new one AGAIN.)

If you are thinking “Yes, these are the EXACT problems I’m having right now!”, then fret not, you are most definitely not alone!

I know that because there was this one time that I went out with a close friend of mine for dinner, and she was complaining about how her necklace’s shine faded within a week of buying it… And to make things worse, she bought another cheap, low quality necklace at some department store as well to replace it and the same thing happened!

Oh, and another experience I had myself was when I went to my Grandma’s house, and the cheap necklace I was wearing around my neck literally broke in the kitchen, and all the beads scattered on the floor, one by one… (Yes, I’m a guy and I wear necklaces too. I understand the pain…)

That was hella awkward. (Grandma stared at me… My face literally turned red from embarrassment in that moment!)

After that…traumatising moment, I did some research to find out what causes these problems with cheap necklaces, and here’s what I found out:

Necklace dulling and breakage happens because of Oxidation, a process that lower quality metals go through when it comes in contact with body oils, makeup, sweat, perfume, etc… You name it. And it makes a necklace dull, or even totally black!

And so, naturally any kind of cheap necklace would dull after a while. And if you’re lucky, it will only break at home, or at a relative’s house, instead of it breaking halfway while you're out in the public. (Imagine that happening in your office, on a public bus, or on a date! HELL NO!)

To make it worse, cheap metals are also more prone to causing skin irritations, causing rashes and irritated skin…

Hence, the solution is clear:

A proper, elegant necklace needs to be:

-Durable enough to not break

-Use high quality metals that won’t lose their shine

-Oxidation resistant

-Will not cause skin irritation

-Look rich/exquisite




-Upgrades your fit

-Sophisticated/Has deeper meaning (Optional)

And that is exactly what I will be presenting to you today! 5 timeless, high quality necklaces that will NOT ONLY keep their shine, but also make you look classy, fashionable and upgrade your outfit as a whole! (Oh, and you wouldn’t need to worry about getting out-dressed by other women again…Or about not getting enough compliments from men!)

So right now, if you are looking to upgrade your style, and get something that is actually durable and won’t break rather than the cheap necklaces that get oxidised within a week, then the following options are EXACTLY what you’ll need! (If you’re a guy reading this, get these as gifts for her…she’ll love it!)

On the other hand, if you already have a ton of top quality necklaces in your collection, and the only problem you have is that other women are jealous of you for looking good all the time and getting too many compliments from men, then you wouldn’t need the following models. You already have them. However, if you are not satisfied with the current cheap, low quality necklace you are wearing right now, then get these models before they get snatched up!

1)CDE Forever Love Heart Pendant Birthstone Necklace

Rose Gold, July Birthstone (Other models available in silver)

Rose Gold, July Birthstone (Other models available in silver)

When it comes to affordability and quality, nothing beats the CDE Forever Love necklace! While the price is simply a steal, the pendant and chain are made of 925 sterling silver with high-cost rhodium or rose gold plating. These safe materials are hypoallergenic and have oxidation resistance! (Meaning no lost of shine or itching skin for you!) The centre of the pendant is inlaid with a gem-quality 5A cubic zirconia, which is the highest grade of zirconia, elaborately selected from the 3A zirconia, with accurate size and cutting, reflecting and dazzling light like a diamond. Oh, and not to mention, there's 12 different colours of gemstones available, corresponding to the birthstone of each month. You can choose the colour according to your birth month for more meaning! (Chain available in silver as well.)

Pendant Size: 0.83"ⅹ1.02" Zirconia Size: 0.3"ⅹ0.3" Chain Length: 17.7"+2"

Click here to get your CDE Forever Love Birthstone necklace at $79.99!


2) Swarovski Further Crystal Jewelry Collection (Double ring necklace)

Necklace - Rose Gold Tone Clear Crystals

When it comes to jewelry, Swarovski is one of the big names that pop up all the time! The contemporary styling of this necklace makes a statement of delicate luxury with a pendant featuring clear Swarovski crystals on a dainty rose gold tone-plated chain. And not only that, it's designed to last as well! Whether you want to use it as an everyday accent or an accessory for more formal occasions (In the office), the sparkling clear crystal pavé and rose gold tone of this beautiful necklace is guaranteed to add real glamour to your outfits! Oh, and you would definitely hate to miss the ongoing discount...(Limited time only!)

Rose gold tone-plated chain length: 16 1/2 " Clear crystal pavé circular design pendant: 3/8 x 5/8 "

Click here to get your Swarovski Further Collection Necklace at ONLY $96.27! (U.P. $149)


3) MomentWish Heart Necklace

Moissanite Necklace (Available in rose gold as well)

Moissanite Necklace (Available in rose gold as well)

For those of you who love Diamonds, the extremely high similarity between Moissanite and Diamonds makes it very difficult to distinguish between the two. The Moissanite is also brighter, and has a lower maintenance cost, making it suitable for daily wear! On top of that, the heart pendant necklace is crafted with a precious S925 sterling silver chain that can be worn at 16 or 18 inches. It is also lead and nickel free, making it hypoallergenic, meaning that your skin will not get irritations! The silver chain is sturdy, and the spring clasp makes it easy to wear. Featuring a plum blossom cut and excellent polished craft, each stone has been carefully selected and holds a VVS1 clarity grade. Each necklace is also GRA moissanite certified, making it traceable with a unique code. Also, make sure not to miss out on the discount! (Limited time only)

Chain length: 16-18" Centre Moissanite: 6.5mm/1ct

Click here to get your MomentWish Heart Necklace at ONLY $78.22 (U.P. $102.65)


4) Gifon Birthstone Compass Necklace

Gold January Birthstone (Models available in silver too!)

Gold January birthstone (Models available in silver as well)

When it comes to sophistication and meaning, nothing beats the symbolic, timeless compass design! Available in a wide array of models that differ based on birth months (Affects colour of birth stone used), this necklace is available in silver as well. On top of that, the chain, pendant, and clasp are S925 sterling silver based, coated with real 18K gold on the outside layer, adding a sense of richness and elegance to whoever wears it! The compass necklace is also inlaid with a cubic zirconia stone, which gives a more feminine look to the wearer. The one trait of this necklace that really stands out is it's shine, so be prepared to dazzle your friends with your new style! It is also worth noting that the necklace comes with an elegant box, with jewelry care tips!

Chain length: 15.7"+ 3" extender. Pendant size: Equal to a quarter dollar. (25 cent coin)

Click here to get your Gifon Birthstone Compass Necklace at $129.99!


5) Gifon Birthstone Heart Necklace

Gifon October Birthstone (Other models available in silver)
Gifon October Birthstone (Other models available in silver)

Like the Compass necklace above, Gifon prides itself for giving a larger Zirconia stone than it's competitors. The engraving of the necklace also presents a greater meaning, and motif of eternal love! This model is available in rose gold as well as silver, and there's also a wide selection to choose from due to the differing birth months, which are represented by the different coloured birth stones. The lobster clasp makes its easy to wear, and you would be surprised at the shine that it has as well!

Chain length: 15.7"+3" Pendant size: 0.88"x0.88"

Click here to get your Gifon birthstone heart necklace at $129.99!


And that’s it for my list of recommendations! If at any point, after purchasing any one of these necklaces you feel like you regret your purchase and wouldn’t love your enhanced fashion sense, or that you wouldn’t be getting enough compliments from your friends (or boyfriends) for standing out from other women due to a defect in the product, then it is noteworthy that all of these necklaces are eligible for Amazon’s return policy, allowing you to return, replace, or even exchange them! (Full refunds or replacement within 30 days of receipt)

So what are you waiting for? Stop using cheap, low quality necklaces that lose their shine all the time and cause skin irritation, and get these high quality, durable necklaces right now! (Comes with free compliments and admiration every time you wear them!)

P.S. These are currently the best selling necklaces at the moment, so do not be surprised if they are out of stock once you click the links. (Do read the reviews to get a better sense of how these necklaces have upgraded the lives of so many women, and gave them confidence!)

~Discounts are for a limited period only. Catch them before they revert back to their usual price!~

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