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Common Reasons for Breakups in Friendships

Good friends are a necessary part of our lives,

By Ha Le SaPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Common Reasons for Breakups in Friendships
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And some friendships make our lives more enjoyable, but without proper caring and fulfilling the rights of this relationship, friendships are lost. Friendships, like romantic relationships, are subject to breakups. While mostly the phrase, ex-friend is not common, it does exist. Friendship breakups can be subtle, unlike love relationships. A friendship can end quickly or gradually. Depending on the individual, a variety of causes might contribute to friendship breakups, however, the common reasons for breakups in friendships are as follows:

Having no time for each other

If you value your friendship above all else, it is time to look at your calendar and produce time for it. Though some friendships are so strong that a busy schedule has no substantial impact, yours may be at risk since you or your friend may require frequent catching up to remain connected. A few days without chatting may result in drifting apart. Whether it is a new hobby, married life, professional activities, or something else that consumes more of your time, you are probably unaware that you no longer have the time to sustain your friendship. And having no time for each other is one of the most common reasons for breakups in friendships.

Having trust issues

Although you can forgive someone's mistakes, trust is something you cannot lose in a friendship. Having trust issues is another common reason for breakups in friendships. Telling white lies to cover problems is one thing; lying and betraying your friend's trust is another. Even if you have been friends for years, having trust issues with a friend is like erecting a wall between you; the longer you pretend nothing happened, the higher that wall will gradually rise until you are no longer comfortable around each other. Regaining damaged trust is one of the most challenging tasks in any relationship than you may expect.

Doing one-sided actions

How would you feel if your husband or wife does not love you as much as you love them or if they do not treat you as well as you treat them? Much psychology research has indicated that more than 50% of human beings would react to both scenarios negatively. Disappointment is the most general reaction and others may question their worth in the relationship. The rule applies to all forms of emotional interactions, including friendships.

Having not anything in common

Most of us build relationships by participating in fun and fascinating things together. For example, suppose you met your friend at a cricket club, and since then, you have played several games together on weekdays and gone to watch professional games side by side on weekends. What happens if one of you loses interest in cricket or does not feel like doing it anymore? It could start with skipping one game. If you have more than one thing in common with your friends, you are lucky because you can leave one behind and do other things you both enjoy. Unfortunately, many of us base our friendships on a shared interest in such sports.

Keeping secrets

Not telling them everything may mean more to your friends than it does to you. They may question why you have not informed them about something or if something is wrong with the relationship because you do not disclose your secrets, even if you do not want to keep secrets from each other. Trust issues might lead to hesitancy and keeping a secret from your friends. It might also be due to a lack of motivation to share it with anybody else, including your best friend. It is totally your choice to keep things secret from each other, but it will weaken your friendship.

Having different perspectives

Even if you two grew to be different people, chances are you can still handle having several hobbies, interests or some other activities you care about. But if you end up having a different perspective about the world or even the opposite ideas on significant matters, it can be the major reason for a breakup in your friendship.

Taking no benefit from each other

One of the most typical reasons for friendship breakups is no longer benefiting from each other. If you make a friendship because they aided you with a job or study, or they provide good company to go on travels, or they are a fun addition to your life; and that person is no longer able to accompany you on adventures or is no longer fun to be around, your relationship with them will end.

The distance between you is too much

A good friend is someone who is always there for you; someone who is with you through the ups and downs. What if they cannot be there for you anymore because they have to move to another place? What if you live in different time zones and catching up is more difficult than before? Unfortunately, physical separation is equal to emotional separation for some people, and it has nothing to do with how strong your friend is.

Having unresolved issues

Nobody enjoys conflict; humans have evolved to avoid it intuitively, and this is not because we are cowards but because the more confrontation we face, the more likely it is that we will be hurt. As a result, many of us suppress our genuine feelings for what we consider to be the greater good, refusing to speak out against things we disagree with or to prevent hurting the feelings of others (friends). This may appear to be a good idea at first, but unsolved issues can become cancerous to your friendship over time.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and some friendships require extra work to keep. If they are worth it, give your best to keep the relationship going; if not, then it is time to let go, especially if your friendship has become toxic. There is no harm in breaking up if it leads you to live a better life.

People come and go,

and even though it hurts, you must accept that some people cannot be in your life forever, no matter how hard you try. Instead of clinging to something that causes pain, let it go so you can grasp something new.

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