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No More Taking the 666 to Hel

By Mother CombsPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

So as I'm scrolling through the AP, I see a story in odd news that catches my eye. The 666 bus to Hel, Poland was being discontinued. So many questions ran through my mind, the foremost being, Why would they stop a bus from going to a city? The second was what they would be riding to Hel in place of a bus. It just made no sense. So of course I had to read it.

It would seem that many Christian groups, with the Catholic being the loudest, have been hollering for years to have this evil satanic bus renumbered or renamed. The bus number alone was a cause of alarm for these Christians, but it was made even worse that the bus was going to Hel. This they could not stand. They could not abide that non-Christians may be making fun of the Mark of the Beast and/or Hell. So they protested and placed their demands in their way.

Eventually, they wore thin the bus company's iron resolution. Now, the bus company has set the date of June 24, 2023, to change the bus number to 669. Just one measly number will be changed. Will that be enough for the Christians? Will they subsequently demand the town change its name?

Seriously, they took the time to protest a bus number that went to a specific city. They protested because they felt that people were honoring a bus with the numbers that they consider the mark of the beast and a town with a name pronounced like the Place where Satan was supposed to live. They truly believed the bus gave power to the Devil and all his minions.

Now, normally, I would just roll my eyes and say, Oh look, the zealots are at it again. I do not know if I can just roll my eyes and have a smart comment this time. Come on, I mean, seriously, they protested a number. Do they skip this number when counting their money? IF this number is so evil, then why is it even listed in our numbers? I think this is a little extreme. It's just a simple number.

Instead of protesting an innocent man being on death row and getting him saved, they protested a simple three-digit number. They choose that bus number over protesting child abuse. Shoot, that protest was chosen over protesting for the equality of all peoples.

Then you have the bus company who thought it was funny to number a bus 666 and even a bigger joke that it was going to Hel. I am sure this company thought it was a lark to market this bus as a round trip to Hel. Starting the bus route up in the year 2006, and will change the number June 24, 2023. They have had seventeen years to make money of the 666 bus to Hel. Now they plan to give into the zealots requests. Time will only tell how bad this could hurt their business, since some of it now if from tourists who only want a to say they rode to Hel on the 666.

Now zealots come on both sides of the political wall and are can be in all religions. Not all zealotry is bad, some can be good. Any zealotry that forces any person or people to act as another person or people expects them to act is wrong. Then you have the zealots who only want to hurt others who do not want to follow the beliefs the zealot thinks they should have. Sadly, all it takes is one charasmatic zealot to draw a group of people to him/her to where he/she can and will try to control his/her followers.

Someone, somebody one of these days should really stand up to them and just say no to zealots and zealotry. Someone should of said, Sorry, go take the 666 to Hel.

Google Search Dictionary Boxes

noun: zealot; plural noun: zealots;

1) a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

2.) HISTORICAL a member of an ancient Jewish sect that aimed at a world Jewish theocracy and resisted the Romans until AD 70.

Cambridge Dictionary

Zealot; noun

a person who has very strong opinions about something, and tries to make other people have them too.


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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred7 months ago

    Excellent article and funny, some people just have no sense of proportion.

  • Real Poetic9 months ago

    Great job. Thank you for teaching me something new.

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