Are You in a Healthy and Fulfilling Relationship?

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We all deserve to live in beautiful and happy relationships.

Are You in a Healthy and Fulfilling Relationship?

We all deserve to live in beautiful and happy relationships, but unfortunately this does not always happen at best. It will then be necessary to determine if this relationship is good for us.

We all deserve to build and live a beautiful, healthy relationship in which we feel good and fulfilled. This does not mean that the relationship must be perfect, and disagreements are normal. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know if the relationship we are in is healthy for us.

The healthy and balanced relationship is one in which one feels better, more in tune with ourselves and with the world around us. A toxic relationship, on the contrary, makes us insidiously lose confidence in ourselves and makes us unhappy. When we feel that the relation is unbalanced on one point, it is always possible to learn to work on it; however, if it weighs heavily on the couple, do not hesitate to end the relationship.

It is always possible to make efforts to make all our relationships (couples, family, friends, or other) as healthy as possible, but it is also important to learn to detect when a relationship becomes unhealthy.

What is a healthy relationship?

A relationship, whatever it is, is never perfect. However, we can say that a relationship is healthy when both parties feel good and confident most of the time. A balanced relationship has six basic aspects:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Justness
  • Equality
  • Good communication.

How can I tell if my relationship is healthy?

Determining the wholesomeness of one's relationship is quite difficult, especially since one tends to think only of the behavior of the partner, while one must also see one's own behavior in relation to him/ her.

We can say that a relationship is balanced when each partner takes into account the needs of the other, that both succeed in making compromises to reach agreement so that everyone feels valued and taken into account. Both partners must feel safe, pampered, loved, and not be in a relationship where they are frightened, humiliated.

No relationship is perfect and smooth, and even the most balanced know their difficult moments. Efforts can be made to improve certain points, but if unhealthy behaviors are a major part of the relationship, it is likely to be toxic. If you feel locked into such a relationship, it may be worth considering ending it.


A relationship must be based on mutual respect and self-esteem and the other. The partners love each other as they are, listen to and value the opinions of others. Respect must be every day, and express yourself simply by listening to each other's ideas and opinions, treating each other like friends, being proud of the other.

When they lack respect, relationships can be painful: for example, a partner who makes you feel stupid, depreciates you, tells you that you will not get anything without him/her, is physically violent or verbally. These relationships destroy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Honesty and Trust

Honesty and trust are important parts of any relationship because we build trust by being honest with others. When we confide in ourselves and share our feelings and thoughts with others, we feel that we can count on these people and it brings us together. A relationship must leave space for free speech, even when it is difficult.

Lack of trust in a relationship can cause problems, including jealousy and worry. These feelings are normal, but pushed to the extreme, they make a person much more dominant in the relationship and break the trust.

Confidence can be expressed by various things: being able to tell the truth to others, to admit mistakes, to understand that everyone needs to bond with other people than the partner, and to be sure of the love of the other.

Good Communication

At the base of any relationship is good communication, whether oral, telephone, or message. You must feel safe enough to share your thoughts and feelings, knowing that others are there for joy as well as for punishment.

A relationship can be unbalanced when you cannot share everything, or feel judged, interrupted. Being open to others and accepting their doubts helps to avoid misunderstanding in the relationship.

And My Behavior, in All This?

When one begins to wonder about one's relationship, one tends to analyze the behavior of the partner. But it is also important to analyze one's own behavior.

  • Are you respectful with your partner?
  • Do you trust her/him?
  • Do you treat him as an equal?
  • Do you treat it fairly?
  • Are you honest with her/him?
  • Do you listen to him?

In a relationship, every person is important. Thinking about your own behavior to try to improve it is as important as talking with your partner about the changes you want to create in the relationship.

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Karen Berns
Karen Berns
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