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Analyzing Your Relationship

Where do you go from here?

By Nicole Higginbotham-HoguePublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Analyzing Your Relationship
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Getting Serious

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After dating a person that you like, you may be wondering when the appropriate time to take the next step is. You might be falling for the other person, but you might still have concerns as to how fast to take your relationship and when you should move forward. Though everyone might have a different take on when the right time to get serious is, here are some suggestions on what you might look out for.

1. The two of you have the same morals and values.

Your life might be built on your morals and values and these things may impact how you interact with others on a day-to-day basis, so try to make sure that you share common values and morals with your partner. This might help you understand if he or she is the person that you want to spend your life with.

2. You are happy.

If you wake up happy to see the other person by your side every day and can’t imagine spending your life with anyone else, then getting serious with the person that you are with might be the right step. You don’t want to risk losing the other person by not sharing the intensity of your feelings, so taking a step forward might be in your favor.

3. The two of you have common goals.

If you and your partner have goals that work together and are somewhat similar, you might want to consider taking the next step in your relationship. Having someone that wants the same things out of life can be a blessing, so maybe, it is time to see how things go.

Deciding to make things serious can be a big decision. However, if you reflect on your relationship and see that the two of you are working on the same goals and have a similar perspective on your future, it might be time to take the next step.

After the Honeymoon Phase

By Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

The beginning of a relationship can be great. During this time, the two of you might be getting to know each other, and you may be very polite and do your best not to offend each other. This is referred to as the honeymoon phase. People may like this part of dating as it is new and exciting. This is also a time where there may be more romance and intimacy.

However, there comes a time in a relationship when things begin to get serious. This might mean that the two of you get into your first fight or begin to realize your differences, and though this next stage might not be as exciting as the honeymoon phase, it can be an important time in your relationship. The time after the honeymoon phase gives a couple the opportunity to get their wants and needs out and express to each other how these wants and needs can be met. This is also a time where the future may come up.

In order to make a relationship work, a couple might discuss how they see their future together and what their individual goals are. By discussing these topics and their values, a couple could either advance to the next stage of their relationship or decide that they are two very different people with very different needs. Either way, the stage after the honeymoon stage is important as it can give couples a more realistic look at what their future can be like together, and if each person is open and honest, this stage of discomfort can be overcome.

Introducing Your Date to Your Family

By Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

After dating a person for a while, you may be wondering when you should introduce him or her to your family. The answer to this question can be difficult as you may not be sure how your family will respond to your new love interest. However, with family gatherings and holiday events occurring throughout the year, you may want to spend a little time with both your partner and your family, and in order to do this, it may be essential for your partner and family members to get to know each other. So, when is the right time to introduce your new partner? Though the answer to this question might be different for everyone, here are some suggestions on how to figure out if the two of you are ready for this next step.

1. The two of you are through the honeymoon phase.

If the two of you have been together long enough to have serious talks and your first fight, you may want to consider taking the next step. You want to spend enough time getting to know your partner before introducing him or her to your family, so any time before the honeymoon phase is over might not be the best time.

2. The two of you have communicated that you are serious.

Make sure both you and your partner see a future with each other. You may not want to introduce just anybody to your family. You want to make sure that your family knows that you are serious about the person that you are with, so communicate with your other half and make sure that you are on the same page about your futures.

3. You have told your family about your intentions.

Try to have a conversation with your family about the potential of them meeting your other half. Doing this ahead of time can help eliminate surprises and prepare them for the situation ahead of time.

Introducing your partner to your family can be stressful, but it can also be a good thing. If your partner and your family know each other then they can all bond, and this may make future family events easier and more comfortable.


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