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Rockin' Your Relationship Through the New Year

Tips & Tricks to Heat Up Your Dating Life

By Nicole Higginbotham-HoguePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Rockin' Your Relationship Through the New Year
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Changing the SEO of Your Relationship

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After dating a person for a while, things may become routine, and in some cases, the monotony can affect the relationship. However, with a little spontaneity and a few changes, you may be able to overcome the obstacle of uneventfulness and reconnect with your partner. Here are a few changes that might help.

1. Set a date night.

This may not be an easy thing to do if you both have busy schedules, but think back to when you were dating. You made it work then. Setting time aside to reconnect is important. This gives the two of you time to communicate and explore your emotions for each other. This can be as simple as a dinner and a movie, or you could go all out and plan an activity for the two of you to share. Every relationship is different, so do what feels comfortable to you.

2. Take on the chores.

Though this may not seem like a romantic suggestion, it really is. Most people are overwhelmed by their busy schedules, and finding time to feel intimate through the stressful times can be difficult. Therefore, stepping up and doing the chores that your other half does most of the time can help him or her feel more peaceful, and it might ease their mind enough so they have more time to focus on you.

3. Find an activity that you both love.

People seem to feel more accomplished in their day when they are doing something productive, so by finding an activity that you both love, not only will you feel more fulfilled, but you may also find that the two of you have a connection that you didn’t know about.

4. Don’t put too much pressure on intimacy.

By letting things flow naturally, the moment in which the two of you connect will feel more magical. Pressure tends to make what could have been a wonderful ending to a night a disappointment, so be patient with your partner and let things happen in their own time.

These simple steps may sound easy, but it is surprising how often they are overlooked. By making small changes to your schedule and setting time aside for just the two of you, the dynamic of your relationship can change greatly.

What She Really Wants for Christmas: Ditch the Diamonds

By Justin Follis on Unsplash

Every year, the holidays begin to roll in, and you are left with that one dreaded question. “What does my partner want for Christmas?” Now, in past years, you may have spent hours, searching the shelves and saving up money to get her that one perfect thing. However, what she really wants might have been right in front of you all along.

Instead of spending an intense amount of money buying things that she will use once and forget she had, why not make some simple changes instead? Give your girlfriend the gift of comfort. Take her out with some friends. Spend time with her family. Let her know that you want to be involved in her life. Women like it when their partner shows an interest in the people that they care for, so why not go that extra mile?

Then, after giving her the time that she needs with her friends and family, why not plan a girl’s day for her? Let her have a little time away from you, so she can talk with her friends and bond. Buy her a spa gift card and buy one for each of her close friends. This will give her time to relax and conserve her energy so she will have more time to focus on the two of you when she gets home.

While she is away, why not cook dinner? Who doesn’t like it when someone saves them the time of cooking a meal? Light some candles. Put on some soft music, and set the table so that everything looks in place. Make her something tasty, and make sure that you have dessert ready to share at the end of the meal.

After dinner, run her a bath and let her clear her mind. Afterall, she might need some time to think about the wonderful dinner that you just made, and this may give her a chance to reflect on it. While she is enjoying her tranquility, pick out a movie that isn’t too emotional and set up a comfortable spot to watch it. Then, let the night flow naturally.

By putting this effort in, your partner might begin to realize how much she appreciates your efforts. This will allow the two of you to grow closer, and it might even result in one of the best nights that you ever had.


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