An Open Letter to the Friend I Lost to Her Boyfriend

From Someone Who Misses You

An Open Letter to the Friend I Lost to Her Boyfriend

Dear Friend I once knew,

We were inseparable. You were my go to girl for everything from boy advice to what pants I should wear. From family vacations to crashing random parties. We would go into the school year making sure we had at least one class together. Pulling pranks throughout class was a daily occurrence for us. We knew our schedules so well we would meet in the bathroom and gossip and laugh until it was time to go back to class. We were best friends who enjoyed every second we spent together which was every second of the day. But now I hardly know the person you are anymore.

Throughout high school we would stand up for each other. You would get bullied and I would help you. People would talk bad about me and you would stand up for me. Then college came. We went our separate ways but summer vacation would always mean staying out late together socializing or just hanging out with our families. Your brothers became my brothers and my parents became yours. Sophomore year of college changed everything. You began to date a boy you became occupied with. I knew you were in love and I was over the moon happy for you. Until I learned what kind of man you were involve with.

I struggled between being truthful and possibly hurting your feelings or burying my opinions and letting you find out on your own. It got to a point that you would call me at least once a week crying over something he did. I couldn't allow myself to see you cry any longer. I suggested that maybe this wasn't the best for you. You were so emotionally involved in the relationship during that time that whatever I said went in one ear and out the other. I wasn't offended because at least I put it out there. No one can control your decisions.

Then one night changed it all. Your brother questioned me about you relationship and I told him the truth, that maybe it wasn't for the best. It was a conversation of concern not judgement. We only wanted the best for you. However, that was not the way in which it was received the next day. I was told to never talk to you again and was later blocked on every social media. I went from having a sister of almost six years to someone I hardly know. All over the mind control of a boy that was not even worth it.

My heart still breaks knowing I will never be in that friendship again even four years later. We were sisters and now you're a distant stranger I see as I stroll along my newsfeed. I now walk down the aisle with the man I love without my best friend by my side. Without the one friend who knows me the best and had been throughout all aspects of my life together. Because of this, I now judge my friendships. I am scared to voice my opinion even if it may help them later on in life because I don't want to lose another friend. The worst part is it seems as if you don't even care and it makes me question if you were even my friend all along.


Someone who misses you

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