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Ahh, The Gloom

Jibing With A Misty Morn

By Z-ManPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Personally, I would prefer to wake up to a rainy morning, or even a misty one like now. I'm not sure where the significance lies for me--at least, in what individual amounts--but it certainly helps to brighten things up for me.

I've been putting off getting my taxes done, and the day has come that I get them taken care of. I'm going to talk with my weekend job to see if I can get weekly hours for the time being, and am aiming to find a remote job in the creative field. I've got a second book to publish, and another set of 13 copies of my first to hand out once they arrive tomorrow.

My intention is not to brag, of course, but to kind of show some pride in my life and the interesting, exciting tasks that I have at hand. I will write an article about my book eventually, and share a link, once I feel it is appropriate to do so.

Following off what I mentioned in my previous article, one of the downsides of creative jobs is that they are simply not as marketable and readily available as positions in retail, fast food, and even manufacturing. That depends on where you are geographically, of course, but I think on the whole jobs that allow you to stretch your creative tendencies and earn a sufficient income are a feat to acquire. The world that humanity has created and maintains simply moves to consistently, in part due to our needs for instant nourishment, particularly concerning, again, fast food availabilities.

Obviously, I am no stranger to such urges. We all are, aren't we? It's just unfortunate that our society collectively operates at such a massive scale that the cogs are simply out of common reach. We only end up becoming ghosts in the machine, coming to shift the atoms of such gears, and therefore shifting the system around, only by the agreements and resultant reconfigurations approved by common crossroads.

Sorry if that is confusing.

Even the belief that we are truly living in this day and age is a tumultuous bargain. I think the concept has become so artificially multifaceted that we must now, quote, "work for a living" even at the (you'll probably laugh at this) quantum level. We have become autonomous in ways that have caused actual shifts in the deepest reaches of ourselves.


Well, I'll end there, because I suppose this is turning into too much of a TED Talk for the purposes of my writing today. Of course, my moniker, Ad-Libbing With The Z-Man, is certainly in full force right now. But I'll give you a break, anyway, haha.


If there is one thing the whole COVID pandemic has allowed me it was perhaps the opportunity to gather footage for my film that was, in essence, footage of a world that had quieted. It allowed me the chance (to use it as an excuse, maybe) to spend even more time adventuring in my car and seeing where my senses would take me. I discovered some truly wonder things in the process that helped open up my mind and, perhaps in turn or perhaps as a result, fill in the blanks that were my steps forward in the particular creative venture I currently am crafting.

It came down to using what I could produce and what I was fond of, and writing has always been a creative outlet for me. It takes inspiration and work to happen, sure, but I have always been confident in it and my feelings about its power and innate influence (again, its inherent power, not an ego thing).

So even with all that was lost in the process of those seized seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, it was at least an opportunity to find the cracks in constriction and get on with living, at an arguably higher level.


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Hello all! I am an aspiring vocalist, filmmaker + writer. I hope you gain something personal + inspiring from my work here. You are also welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Ad-Libbing With The Zman.

Thank You!



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