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A Story about a “Supernatural” Friendship.

by Julia Valentina about a year ago in friendship

Family don’t end with blood.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my family but I’m not a family kind of person. Especially during the self-isolation time with COVID-19 I don’t have a problem to be away from my family. I never had.

Some people would say I’m a loner. Someone who loves to be alone and doesn’t seem to need other people.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I can be alone for a long time and I love to spend time with just me. But I do need other people. It’s just not my family. Not my family by “blood” but the one I choose to have.

It’s like Dean Winchester from Supernatural says it:


And hell to the yes, I’m gonna quote Supernatural in this article! #fangirl

I mean the “warning” or let’s say “hint” is right there in the title and subtitle … so, let’s buckle up and hunt some demons! … or maybe let me finish this article first.

This article though is not really about Supernatural but about a friendship that I’ve been treasuring for years. A friendship that helped me grow and showed me what family really means.

It’s about my best friend, soul sister and fellow demon hunter. A woman who inspires me and here’s why.


There’s always something to learn

Like Boby Singer my soul sister loves to learn new things and studies constantly. From languages like Finish or Italian to methods like “NLP” or even everything about food and nutrition.

She’s always excited to learn and try new things and I’m just amazed by that. I mean, I like learning, too but I’d never reach her excitement about it.

She’s someone who constantly invents herself. Someone who learned many different things like psychology, film making, journalism or drawing portraits. And there’s so much more. There’s always something new that needs to be explored by her.

With her attitude to learn and study, she really inspires me to do the same. Because I mean there are so many fascinating things out there and why not just go for it?

Also if you want to hunt some demons and monsters, you need to know more about them! You can’t go into battle without preparation or at least you need to know what you’re dealing with.

Imagine how many lives you can save with knowledge!

There’s always someone there for me

No matter what happens and how far we’re apart, I know that my soul sister always got my back.

And that’s something I wasn’t used to have. Even though we had our differences or when we had rocky times in our friendship, I wasn’t used to someone who unconditionally supports me. Someone who instantly understood me.

I actually learned from her that there are people in your life you can trust and who support you no matter what you want to do. They will cheer you up when you’re down or they will kick your ass if you need it.

And she’s this kind of person. She’s a true supportive friend that always got my back.

Sometimes I try to think about the times when we didn’t know each other. It’s hard to imagine now that I didn’t have someone who I completly trust and who I would tell all my sorrows, dreams, ideas and heartache.

It’s also hard to imagine that we both had trust issues before we met, due to past experiences. We both knew how it felt to have no one you can rely on or when we did, we got betrayed. But that didn’t stop us to become friends and prove each other wrong.

So, thank to her, I know the true meaning of “I got your back”.

There’s always an opportunity for some dark sense of humour

I think, we bonded instantly when we met because of our dark sense of humour. We both can be cynical and sarcastic. Like Crowley.

We both definitely laughed with him the most while watching Supernatural together.

Before I met her I only made these kind of dark jokes with my family because that’s how we roll. And also that’s how I cope with painful experiences or when I struggle with emotions, I joke about it.

With my soul sister it’s the same. She also uses this “technique” but compared to me she was never afraid to smash her dark sense of humour around her. She just goes for it, while I’m afraid it might be inappropriate.

I really admire that she doesn’t care what people think about her cynical comments or her dark jokes.

I know her confidence has inspired me during the years together and I’m way more outspoken with my cynical and sarcastic self but I still hold myself back from time to time.

Maybe I should just release my inner Crowley more. I mean, he’s pretty cool. Like my soul sister.

There’s always the deep talk about feelings

Man, my soul sister and me can talk for hours or days. And when we talk, it gets deep. Like super deep and instantly. We don’t waste time with smalltalk. We dive into it.

Maybe it’s because we both hate smalltalk?

I remember that after our first talks, I sometimes wondered how we got to such pholisophocal questions. We constantly try to find out why we do things and we dive deep into our self while we tell each other about it.

I love that we can talk for ours about everything … but in the beginning I was a little overwhelmed because I wasn’t used to all these emotions that came with it.

Well, let’s say I’m a Dean-Person. I don’t do feelings … a lot. Or I pretend I don’t do them. I mostly avoid talking about it and I need to figure it out for myself before I can share what’s going on.

My soul sister is someone who talks her feelings out and loves to hug. So in the beginning I was a little weirded out and didn’t know what to do with all these … feelings. Awkward moment …


But now I understand how important it is to talk about your feelings and what’s going on. And it’s not so awkward at all when you talk with the right person.

She showed me that it’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to feel angry or disappointed. And it’s okay to just be for yourself a while.

Yeah, feelings are okay. Even for Dean-People like me.

There’s always you and me.

When I grew up, I haven’t had a lot of friends. I mostly was alone and if I had friends, I made some mistakes and they made some … it just didn’t work out and I was struggling to really trust people.

Until I met her, my best friend and soul sister.

Even though we had some rocky times and we both made mistakes in our friendship. We kept growing together and proved each other that we earn each other’s trust and respect.

And I know whatever happens, we are there for each other. We got each other’s back no matter what demons or monsters might come into our lives.

We got this.

This article is for you, my friend, soul sister and fellow demon hunter. You inspire me with your brilliance, your desire to always learn new things, your optimism and you’re great sense of humour.


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Stay nerdy,



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Julia Valentina
Julia Valentina
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