Movie Life Lesson: Be Like Erin Brockovich!

What you can learn from the movie and the lead character of 'Erin Brockovich.'

Movie Life Lesson: Be Like Erin Brockovich!

After reading the script to Erin Brockovich and watching the movie with Julia Roberts again, I felt closer to Erin Brockovich than ever before. Maybe because I’m older now? Maybe now I understand her struggle more, even though I don’t have any kids. At least not that I know of…

For anyone who doesn’t know this classic movie (released in 2000) based on a true story, here is a short description from IMDB.

Erin Brockovich is an amazing woman. She knows what she wants and she gives everything to do the right thing.

What can you learn from her?

Self-confidence: I don’t care what others think. I like wearing my clothes because I feel good in it.

Erin owns her clothes. She wears a mini-skirt and a leopard top when she feels like it because she doesn’t care what others think, although she is very aware of the picture she’s painting with her choice of clothes. But still she wears what she likes and in what she feels good.

Generally speaking, this woman plays a sassy and big game in self-confidence. She speaks openly about her ideas and she asks (sometimes demands) for what she needs or wants. And she‘s successful in doing it.

I think a lot of women (me including) learned that as a woman you should be kind and polite. If you ask too much or are too outspoken, then you‘re a bossy. But I say: fuck that! Be like Erin.

Self-belief: I have no legal expertise but I will do everything I can to bring justice for this people.

When Erin first starts her job, she has no clue about all the legal stuff or what exactly a lawyer does. But she knows that she‘s a quick learner, always curious and a hard worker. And she proves to be better than anyone expected. But not because she knows all the laws and has all of the sudden a great legal expertise. No, she is a people person and she is the one who the people trust. They tell her their stories and she shows empathy. She encourages them to fight for their rights and she fights with them. No matter what.

Because she believes in herself and everyone else. She believes that she can pull this case off with the help of everyone. And in the end she is right. But no one wouldn‘t have gotten so far without her self-belief and her curiosity. She knew that she was worth it to be hired and that she does a good job even though she had no experience in the beginning. If that isn‘t inspiring I don’t know what is!

Clarity about what matters to you: If you‘re my man you need to accept how important my work is, and I won‘t choose between you and my work.

That‘s a tough one because in the movie Erin comes to one point where George wants her to choose between him or her job. She‘s been working hard and long hours, and of course that has consequences. She doesn‘t see her kids a lot anymore and she misses out on important little moments like the first time her baby girl speaks.

But even though it hurts Erin and it‘s extremely hard for her, she decides to do this. She decided to help these people. And I feel for a single mother, it‘s even harder because everyone expects you to be with your children and to play your part as a home-stay mum who takes care of her children.

But Erin loves her children knows what she wants. Even when she could lose George, her intentions are clear and she knows where her priorities are.

The conclusion?

Erin is not only a tough and strong female character, Erin is us.

Erin is someone who struggles in life, but still wants to do the right thing. Someone who may be judged by other by her appearance or social status, but not by her intellect or social skills.

But she proved all of them wrong because she believed in herself. She knows what she wants and she goes for it.

So, be like Erin Brockovich!

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Julia Valentina
Julia Valentina
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