A Perfect Moment

by Tori Miller 2 years ago in love

Real Love: Part Two

A Perfect Moment

Wrapped in a towel, I lay face-first on the aesthetically pleasing white bed that had not been made yet that morning with soft sunshine illuminating the notebook in front of me. I run my fingers through my still damp hair as I try to think of the task at hand yet I am distracted by the beauty that is this moment. The muffled sounds of the shower in the other room soothes my soul as I thank God for the adventure that is my life. I look back down to my notebook staring at the prayers that I have written out over the years. The shower stops and moments later the man of my dreams walks out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. I look up and grin at him and continue to thank God in my notebook for this amazing man. He quickly dresses himself with a black v-neck and a pair of blue jeans then turns and smiles at me.

“You know you can’t leave the room in just a towel, right?” His deep smooth accent warms my heart.

I smile at my notebook and don’t even validate him with a look, “I do what I want.”

He walks to the side of the bed I was lying on and rolls over me. I chuckle because I married a child just like myself. He stares at me while I continue to write in my notebook. For a moment a gentle smile begins on my face I slowly turn to the man distracting me, “Can I help you?”

“I love to watch you work, you just get so... focused.”

“Focused, huh?” My head turns to him and rests on my hand as I smile at my overgrown child I’m supposed to call my husband. “How’s that?”

“Well,” his hand reaches out to caress my face, “you get this look when you are focused, your face relaxes and a subtle smile breaks through because you are on a verge on something amazing and your face can’t hide it.”

“Well, for your information, I was writing out a thank you note... of sorts.” His face looks puzzled as he tries to think of who I would be thanking. I put my pen down, close my notebook, and pull myself over him so that I have his full and undivided attention. “I was thanking God for everything he has done for us: our success, our adventures, our families, our love.” I lightly kiss him. “It's even better than I ever imagined our life would be.”

His gaze, warm and loving, fills me with joy as he smiles, “I love you, did you know that?”

“Whaaat?” I say sarcastically pushing myself up, “I thought you hated me?!?!” I start to giggle as he rolls me over so he was on top of me.

“Well, I mean, you do fart a lot.” His smile reaches from cheek to cheek as he tries to kiss me. Laughing I push his face away.

“Now what makes you think you can make a comment like that and then kiss me.”

“Meh, it was worth a try.” He shrugs and starts to crawl off of me.

“Hey!” I quickly pull him into a kiss that glows with the kind of happiness that only soulmates experience. “You are not getting off that easy.” His gaze warms my soul as he smiles that big, dopey smile at me while softly grazing his nose on mine. We close our eyes and allow a moment of silence befall us as our hearts radiate pure joy. I open my eyes to see his face gently enjoying being close to me and I caress his face with my palms. He opens his eyes and stares deep into my soul melting me from the inside out. “I love you too.” He kisses me passionately. “Just an FYI.” We giggle as he pulls me out of bed and pushes me towards the dresser.

“Come on,” he stands before me holding the waist of his extremely reluctant wife. He leans in, kisses me on the forehead, and rests his forehead on mine, “Adventure awaits.”

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